Sunday, February 13, 2011

The First Pre-P90X Meal

Greetings Readers

Okay, this is my first un-official healthy meal from the P90X program.

The weather was a bit cold for grilling on the barbecue grill and I have loaned out my indoor grill to my brother last year.

So, I was stuck in a bit of a pickle, a quandary.

Well, perhaps that is the wrong thing to say. What I mean that there was only one way to cook this Salmon. I was going to have to Pan fry this Salmon - in Olive Oil. Believe that. First of all, to pan fry a fish, to me, is a big no-no. I just do not do that. Period. Number two. I was going to have to use the healthy Olive Oil, as oppose to using something like butter or Crisco shortening.

Anyway, I tried remembering seeing any of the cooking shows on the Food Network that someone had cooked a fish in a pan. But, I could not remember. I did have the notion of wrapping this Salmon up in Aluminum Foil and sticking the Salmon in the Oven to cook. Fuck that option. I wanted to see first hand if I was going to fuck up cooking this Salmon.

Oh, before starting the pan fry Salmon I had started the Canadian Wild Rice since that does take about an hour to cook fully.

That was going to be my meal. Salmon and Canadian Wild Rice

Oh.... you know Readers this was not first pre-meal before going officially on the P90X program - my first meal was the Red Pepper Soup. Sorry.

I would say about 15 to 20 minutes later on the stove and pan frying the Salmon I was done. I knew that I did not want to over cook my Salmon since a dry fish sucks. All in all I got the right temperature, flipped accordingly and carefully and was able to get a nice cooking on the fish side and a nice and crispy skin on the skin side of the fish. I think what helped was monitoring the cooking temp, listening to the cooking and keeping a piece of aluminium foil over the frying pan. That helped keep the moisture in the fish.

Anyway, here is picture of the Salmon and I have to admit that I did a fairly damn good job pan frying my first fish on the stove stop.

And tomorrow will be the first official day of starting the P90X program, again =).

P.S. Yes, I sure did stink up my humble abode with Salmon smell.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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