Tuesday, February 15, 2011

P90X - Day 1

Greetings Readers

Once again, I have embarked on the P90X Program.

Here is the Day 1 picture that I thought over and over about to post or not to post.

I am not fat, in a manner of speaking, but I did notice that I am getting a spare tire around the waist as well as the pants getting snug. And this is due to drinking of the dark beer, as well as few frozen margaritas the past week, Pizza Hutt Meat Lover's Pizza, KFC, Lays Potato Chips, and endless Coca-Colas.

Last year, I did not post a picture of myself when I did the P90X plan. I was embarrassed to post a picture of me with a "spare tire". Granted, I saw numerous blogs that had people way bigger than me posting pictures of themselves without a second thought. However, I was just not ready to post a P90x picture. Yes, I took pictures of myself but never had the guts to post my pictures I took last year of myself.

This time around I thought about it again, but fuck it. No Guts, no glory. Anyway, you faithful Readers know (and seen) me post pictures of my ass, nipples, and other revealing pictures through the years. Granted, I was not posing in my underwear like I am now. Anyway, I never gave it a second thought about my other pictures to post and whether or not I am revealing too much. And in this case it is for the P90X program, so it means like I am not flaunting anyway. Perhaps in 90 days I will be. =) Who knows, but hope to be.

In addition to the posting of the pictures - I took measurements and weight since I did not do that first time. I just gauged the weight loss by the looseness of my pants. I also bought a diet guide, but this is solely for writing down what I eat, drink and approximately how oz. I am eating. I am logging the supplements I am taking and the exercise.

Anyway, I am going about it a bit more technically, but also going to do with a bit of change of the last time. I understand what I went through the first time and am making allowances to the program. I do not wish, but hope to do within 90 days, but due to my work schedules during parts of the month as well as my personal life - I understand that I am going to be going longer than 90 days, and will not give it a second thought. I will give the program still my 100% involvement.

I am also allowing certain times to have "treat", "reward" or whatever name you want to give it to eat something not on the P90x program. Last time, at work I isolated myself from my friends since I could not go to lunch with them. Temptation was an issue last year. Better not to go was my thinking and that approach worked for me. This time around I am going to allow myself fries at least once a week so I am not being "stuck up", in a manner of speaking. Readers, my friends know that I am not being stuck up - they know that I am doing the program and how restrictive it is to me.

With that said so far, let me come to a stopping point. Let us see what comes of this and I am going to make the biggest effort to log / blog my P90X with you.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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