Monday, December 13, 2010

The Lonely Lit Up Santa Claus

Greetings Readers

Any other time I would not give a shit.

Yet, with the things that are happening around me in my life currently I feel sad for this one 6 Foot Light Up Santa that I have been seeing on my bike route home after work for the past week.

I take this bike trail part of the ways home and it is pitch dark in most places.

Anyway, tonight I see the light up Santa facing the bike trail, the trees, the creek - and there he is. Lit up and his right arm in the waving hi position. Basically, waving to me as I bike on by each night. Just me, him lit up and the one little sidewalk path lamp with a small string of Christmas lights (I estimate about 50 light bulbs on the string) lighting up this darken part of the suburbs.

No one is going to see this Santa Claus driving by. No one will see this Santa Claus walking by at night due to the lack of light. I think, the only time that this Santa will be seen is by the likes of me biking home. Though there could be the occasional dog walker, there could be the runner running at night on the bike path. Other than that - that Santa will not be able to wave to the world with his lit up smile.

Yet, from a certain point of view one could say that this Santa is lucky to be displayed, at all. And I do not disagree.

I do not care for Christmas, but I do hope that any person who comes by the Santa will give him a glance. That's all that Santa needs. A glance. A second. or more.

This Santa - to me - will be remembered as the Lonely Lit Up Santa Claus of 2010.
Update - 12/14/10 - Sorry Readers - this is the best picture I can do without the flash and darkness. And his left hand waving - not his right.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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