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I paid my entry fee; therefore I participated

Greetings Readers

Here is a quote from another blog about their participation in the 24 Hours of Boulder this year that has caused me to comment on his view and participation of the same event.

"If a runner is walking and limping that much how much damage is being done trying to compensate for what ever injury or lack of conditioning caused them to start walking that way? Perhaps that is a good indicator that they should quit?" - Chris Pruchnic (runner # 133)

I do not disagree. However, I paid my entry fee and I have every right to be there competing in the 24 hours of Boulder. It is not called You must Run the 24 Hours of Boulder. But the 24 Hours of Boulder. Complete as many laps (7.14 in length) as you can run in a 24 hours period, if I remember that was stated on the web site (website link is below).


I understand that this runner had a headlight lamp. Good for him. As well as I did and then some. A green glow stick and a green light/flashlight Combo. Yet, Readers, the course was pretty open except for a single trail path near the halfway point of the course. I estimate about a mile in length that you could possibly run into someone by accident. But as far as I know every runner that past me or ran past me in the opposite direction were mindful and careful. I do not remember ever seeing a frown face or some comment like "move over" or "watch out."

But wait. I know I was on the same course as this runner and I know for a fact that is was not as dark as he stated. Also, the course was most of the time wider than a school bus. And in some places the course was two car widths wide. The only time the course got dark was if you were looking at the stadium glow and then back to the course, thereby causing your pupils to readjust (dilate). Same thing goes for the highway that runs on the East side of the reservoir. If you look over and then back to the course you pupils have to re-adjust once more.

And running at night is not just about lights. You have to listen to what is around. You can hear the other runners - running/walking. Or if they had a pacer more often than not I can hear them talking. This year, I did use my Ipod. Except I only put one earphone in one ear and left the other ear open so I could listen to my surroundings

This runner is a good runner and I did read at some of the things he has done, but the lack of respect by complaining about us same fellow runners walking on the same course under a 2/3 of a moon's light. I think, I remember the moon being more than half moon showing.

I just checked the moon almanac and the moon was 67 percent full that night on October 16, 2010. The Almanac also indicates the moon sets at 1:08 AM. I think I remember seeing the moon set and disappear about 1:20 or 1:40 AM so I that is about right.

I will admit the course got dark (like it did for me 2 years ago), but almost all runners had some sort of light(s). Though, I will agree there was about 5 % that did not have a light. I saw one runner running with a green glow stick only.

Yet, the statement the blogger wrote rubbed me the wrong way. I will admit and was one of those who did not have a light on the back of their back. Thinking more about it I bet about 90 percent of the runners/walkers had no lights on their back. Just the headlamp and perhaps their pacer having a flashlight. So, this particular runner needs to take some responsibility on their part and make sure that they do not run into a runner ahead of them. It seems to me that particular runner had tunnel vision and thought he owned the course since he is a better runner than most. Yet, that may not be true since this was the 100 mile / 24 Hours Championship that is held in October in Boulder, CO. There are two other 24 hour races and those are held in Moab, UT and Laramie, WY and I do not know for a fact, but I am betting some of those runners who did those events would may want to come to Boulder for the Championship event. Note Readers - he did mention he finished in the top ten.

The blogger stating "...that they should quit?" Perhaps. But my goal was not to run the 100 mile championship race. I was a solo male entered in the 24 hours solo race. And the only fucking goal was to beat my lap record/personal best of 7 Laps from two years ago. I had to do 8 laps at whatever cost. Quitting was not an option. Who are you to tell me otherwise?! I did not train. I did have a lack of conditioning - big time. But, that did not stop me from paying my entry fee the day of the event and competing. I had every right to compete on the same course as you, as anyone. I did walk / shuffle like a Hollywood Zombie and that was my undoing. I am still recovering for putting myself through that last lap to get a new personal record and the official mileage count over 50 miles.

I have had no bad experiences on both times I have competed in the 24hoursofBoulder. Sure, running the course over and over again is something I do not look forward to, but I am thankful that this race is even happening. Be thankful for that, though reading this runner's post - I think he has not run the 24 hours of Boulder before. I would rather run in a loop as opposed to the 24 hours of Boulder not being able to hold the event at all due to no course being available for whatever reason.

My big complaint is the serving of "Shasta" or "Big K" 2 litter soft drink being offered at the two aid stations. I did pay 110.00 dollars so I would have liked to see Coca Cola, Dr Pepper, or Pepsi to drink the first time I ran this in 2008. This year I made sure to bring a 6 pack of Coca Cola to the event in case they did it again. Which they did, but I soon saw some Coca-Cola late at night/early morning for us runners. I needed the taste I know to help me.

All in all, there is nothing to post anything bad or be disrespectful of the event. I love seeing the teams, the pacers, the elite, as well as myself, a runner pushing their limits for a specific reason. I had no problems running, except for my body breaking down throughout the event.

If there was a complaint, issue or whatever from me then I would not compete in the event. You faithful Readers know me - if I find something "that I do not like" I voice my opinion and to go as far as not to do/go there again.

If you have followed me (read) this far Readers - here is the link to that specific post and you can read and interpret what was blogged by Chris.


I have nothing personal against Chris, my faithful Readers. He just needs to remember how he got to where he is at now. And yes, in case of me being one of the limping (Hollywood zombie) walkers in the middle of the night I did stay to the right of the road whenever possible and Chris can go fuck himself for hinting in my condition that I probably should not be competing in the event any further. I had a goal and that is none of your fucking concern / business. You were running 100 miles. My goal was completing more than 7 laps on October 16 - 17, 2010. I was on a mission and the only option that was going to stop me was - quitting.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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