Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gentleman Jack

Greetings Readers

In all of my years as being a Jack Daniels drinker, well let me be honest, a connoisseur, of Jack Daniels I never had a drink of Gentleman Jack.

I never gave it a second thought.

What it comes down to is and I am being general about this there are basically 3 different grades of Jack Daniels. Kind of like Gasoline. Usually, there are three different grades.

Anyway, I figure there is really no middle grade. I mean that you either get the cheap grade or you get the high grade. Who really settles for mid-grade? My camero knows the difference between the cheap grade gasoline and the high end (octane) gasoline. She will either purr like a woman or sputter like an old woman.

With that thinking I have applied that exact mentality to Jack Daniels. I have tasted the basic grade and then I have indulged in the expensive grade. I never even thought about buying the mid-grade Jack Daniels.

Until this month and year. I saw that the local liquor store knocked off about $ 7.00 dollars on the Gentleman Jack Daniels and with a bit of coaxing from my friend I decided to buy my first Gentleman Jack Daniels.

If you are a Jack Daniels Drinker then you may know the difference. If you are serious Jack Daniels Drinker then you will know that the Gentleman Jack is much better than the general Jack Daniel’s. Though even if you think you are a serious Jack Daniels Drinker, but not as serious as you think you are you could mistaken the Gentleman Jack for Single Barrel Jack Daniels. No, not even close to taste, but I could see the above average Jack Daniels drinker may make mistake Gentleman Jack for Single Barrel Jack in its first drink.

It is not bad, but just okay for the price that I got it at.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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