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The Ignorant Senor(ita) - Update 12/2010

Greetings Readers

The Ignorant Senor(ita)

Well, I happened to go to this blog the other day (that I use to follow off and on) and I see that he/she is almost in the same boat I am. Though a bit different. Blogging off and on, but he/she has some issues about coming out from his/her anonymity, maybe, again.

Fuck me Readers - That recent blog post on why, how come and what would - was like the terms and conditions on the back of the credit card statement! And talk about beating a dead horse - over and over! I get it. Your Readers get it. You obviously have issues about yourself and can not see them.

As Nike indicates - Just do it! Or shut the fuck up and move on.

Although, I do keep my friend's names classified. Those names are just as confidential as the nuclear missile arming codes. Although, I think I have posted a couple of pictures of my friends.

Anyway, he/she wrote a fucking epic post on why he/she keeps everything "secret" Believe me, I can understand and relate. But, then he/she wrote another epic post on what if he/she came out.

Though what I have read is no different from any other person's life and relationships. Your stories and relationships are not unique. But of course, other people's stories, lives, events are kind of interesting to read if you are looking for other things to learn, know, explore or just follow. Your friends are no different than my friends. I have friends that do not get along with certain other of my friends for what ever reason. I too have some cheap skate friends that do not tip 15%. I have friends that I desire. I have thought dirty thoughts about a couple of friends I have - come on who hasn't. I have friends who mean the world to me, but I never told them that.

I can write, spell, use big words, but I do not do that all the time. I mess up my sentence structures from time to time. I use the word their, when I should have used there. I try to type correctly and most of the time I will proof read my blog posts for grammatical errors. And I try to write more than a few sentences when posting. Though, I am not going to write a 3,000 word essay on every blog I post.

I do not think I have blogged about specifics of my sex life. I know I mentioned a couple of intimate desires, thoughts and things, but nothing about a specific sexual encounter I have had. I will admit that there is a desire to write about a sexual encounter I have had. Yet, that is personal. Excuse me Readers, I am smiling as I am typing this since I know that most likely will - I have planted (blogged) that thought and now that will probably bounce around until I do. And should I - I will tell you Readers - The aroma of her fragrance, the clothes she wore, what she was not wearing, her body, the way she looked, her lips... Whoa. I better stop.

I understand the Ignorant Senor(ita) being in their twenties, thinking they are more mature than they are. I will not argue. Matter of fact, I thought that way when I was in my twenties. I lived the life of a twenty something. I did all that. and more, I bet.

I also tell you Readers that I am flawed. I am an asshole. I am rude. I am pissed off. I was wrong. What he/she has not told his/her loyal Readers that he/she is none of that. He/She does not not say that.

I have told you Readers alot of myself, which if I knew you in person I would never tell you all of this. And if you know me and did Google me to find out what/who is Mr. Charley, I could care less. I know what I post is out there for everyone to see. You Readers have seen my nipple(s), probably seen a few butt cheeks, the type and color of some of the underwear I have. I am not embarrassed or ashamed. I blog like how I feel / act. My friends know that I blog and I have provided a few of them the link. I have told you Readers what turns me on about a woman and what not.

Again, the only thing I do keep secret is my events/interaction with certain friends. And yes Readers, the friends that I do write about on certain situations, I often give them their "codename" on my blog. They laugh and ask how did that name come up, but I really do not know. Bobbie Rae is Bobbie Rae, I actually believe if she was not who she is today - she would be a Bobbie Rae from the South. LaMont was used because of Sanford & Son - which me and friend just smile and laugh about since he is so not Lamont. hah hah. Pssst - yes Readers - he is so a Lamont.

What I do not do on this blog is gossip or talk shit about on my friends. It would be easy, I bet. But this blog is, and never, will be about that. I do gossip in my real life, yes I admit that, and do talk shit. We all "hate" or "dislike" someone else for whatever reason and I could blog about those people, but I feel that is wrong. But I do blog about the people I "hate" who ask me "what time is it" while waiting for the bus, while I have my earphones in, which he/she can clearly see.

Readers, I think this blog post is getting too long now. Anyway, I am not making a point, but this recent blog from the Ignorant Senor(ita) was about his/her secret identity, relationships and life. Again. Oh yes, again and again. In the beginning of his/her first blog was the reason why for the blog. Then, throughout he/she still has to bring up a few reasons why he/she can not divulge his/her identity and his/her friends. Matter of fact, his/her friend's names are not even fake names. An Example would be like, "The fuck up," "The Coffee Drinker" "The Canon Powershot picture taker" "The 5th time unemployed friend" etc. You get the idea Readers.

In closing, I could not read every word of his/her recent last post. It was the same story again. And the same analytical breakdown on why he/she can not come out from his/her secret blog. And once again too fucking long to read and think this is interesting (for the umpteenth time)

He/she has not blogged about about committing a crime. Well, he/she did blog about getting so drunk and passing out on a front lawn - so that would be the crime of public disorderly. He/she has not blogged about sleeping with a CEO/President that would / could create a scandal. I think he/she is worried about what his/her friends would truly think of him/her if his/her friends, that he/she does calls friends, could put a real person with the Ignorant Senor(ita) blog. Or he / she is really worried about all the things he/she said about her friends on the internet. Not down and out bad, but carefully written that he/she is better than everyone else in a nice condensing manner.

Sorry Readers, I can not stop typing - Again, that Tipping and the Ignorant Senor(ita) had with a couple of years ago. He/she has some serious issues about tipping. I do myself, but would not blatantly point that out who specifically did not tip 15 % on my blog with my friends. If he/she is worried about not meeting the 15% unwritten rule to tip (though not unwritten at some restaurants these days) after a friend's get together meal then leave extra. Yes, you should not have to, but shit happens. Some people do, some people don't - who are you to say that is wrong. And to make sure that you never have to leave extra tip do not go out with them again for a meal, except fast food (where we as a society do not generally tip fast food employees)

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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