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My "15 Wishes" are no Longer

Greetings Readers

Well, it almost took me two months to redeem my “15 wishes.” ( you can click to see the original Blog post on obtaining and thinking of the 15 wishes I granted myself. Also, I know I usually do not reference past blog posts, but I thought just in case you Readers need to read about me getting my first iTunes gift card to redeem 56 days for me to finally put a list together that I deemed worthy to be purchased.

I will not say that this is my number one list of all time. Not by a long shot. These are just my choices to choose from by many factors I weighed in by personal opinion.

There were a lot of factors that I took in consideration. Granted, half of the songs that I bought I have on cassette tape, but I do not have on CD. Most of this is not unusual, but what is unusual is that I do not have one single Pink Floyd CD in my collection. I do have every Pink Floyd album/CD on cassette tape, but I do not have any Pink Floyd on CD.

Very strange for me not to have in my CD collection, but I think the reasoning is that in the past most, if not all, Pink Floyd CD were never on sale, so I did not want to pay the full price. And the funny thing is that I love The Wall, A Delicate Sounder of Thunder and A Momentary Lapse of Reason, to name a few Pink Floyd CD’s I would just love to have in my CD collection.

Now, I gave some serious thought to buying a couple of Pink Floyd songs on iTunes, but the accountant came out in me. If I buy a song for a .99 cents and tax - what happens when I buy that Pink Floyd CD later down in the road in life? I guess I would be paying more than I should be paying since I would be buying the CD, plus any single songs I buy from iTunes.

Now, I do not know when I am going to buy A Momentary Lapse of Reason, but just the thought of buying a song now and then buying the CD later is not cost effective. I would be losing money on the deal. One could argue just buy the song now and then listen to my heart’s content, but I could not. I would love to have the song “Dogs of War,” but then again I have done this long without “Dogs of War” so far so what is more time? I do not know, but I am okay with waiting for me to purchase the CD.

So, with that reasoning I did not buy one single Pink Floyd song, even though listening to the 30-second clip brought back memories. Though I guess I will have to listen to my cassette tape. Ain’t no thang.

I chose songs that I have heard at one time. Or have thought about buying the music at one time. Or songs that are one of a kind, in a sense, to me.

Now, choosing this list did not take the entire 56 days. A week would go by before I even thought about my “15 wishes.” Other times I would think of something or something would remind of something and then I would quickly write down the song and or artist. Then, I would forget about what I wrote down until I remembered days later perhaps.

Now, there were two artists that I saw on iTunes that I looked over and over at. Tiesto and Natalie Merchant. I was very, very hesitant of buying any songs from these two artists since I basically have bought or would buy any CD’s that I do not have in my collection. And buying any single song would mean that I just “threw away” money.

Yet, I was able to find two songs that I did not have and most likely would not find on any CD in the future.

All right Readers, I think I have rambled enough.

If you clicked on the blog picture post first then you probably saw the list of “15 wishes.” Actually, I was only able to purchase “14 wishes” due to sales tax. Sales tax, fuck me once more.

Let me not broach that subject of sales tax, though I did use a zip code that I know has one of the lowest sales taxes that I know of the addresses that I have available.

Let me begin.

1. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing – Chris Isaak. I think, the first time that I heard this song was in Stanley Kubrick’s last movie. I loved the song from the first time I heard it and I just never got around to buying the CD soundtrack (which I would assume that the song was on) or a CD from the Artist since it would be on an album of Chris Isaak. I just love hearing “Bay Did a Bad Bad thing” in that voice in the song.

2. All You ZombiesHooters. I heard this song in my Uncle’s El Camino going down I-40 in New Mexico when I was younger. I just loved the opening music and the beat throughout the song. I do not care for the guitar riff in the song, but other than that this is a song that reminds of listening to while we were speeding down I-40 and this song playing full blast from the stereo speakers my uncle installed in his El Camino.

3. Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley. I do not know the artist, but I hear this song every now and then on a TV show. I do not know if it was this song specifically or redone by another artist, but I chose this version, because of length and popularity on iTunes. I have to say I chose right. The haunting word of “Hallelujah” makes such an impression on me – simple but effective and in my opinion not religious-like.

4. God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash. Wow. I first heard this song was the On-Demand video on Comcast Cable. This was/is during my Johnny Cash phase and I wanted to hear more songs of Johnny Cash. Anyway, the back-story is that I absolutely love the video / song. The video is in Black and white and features many, many famous people in many different states. Chris Rock moving his head back and forth, Lindsay Lohan looking ordinary in a manner of speaking, ZZ top, Sheryl Crow, etc. It is the video that helps the song, but the song’s beat is fantastic, the lyrics being sung by Johnny Cash is so on and eerie since it was the last of Johnny’s music to be recorded before he past away.

5. Black Horse and the Cherry TreeK.T. Tunstall. This is a live version via iTunes version. Anyway, I love this song and the beat once more. I chose this version since it is longer than the radio/original version. I really first paid attention to this song when it was used for the U.S. Open Tennis on USA Networks. From that point, I was hooked and have been looking forward to buying this CD/song, which I still need to do since this version of the song is an iTunes exclusive.

6. Mad WorldMicheal Andrews and ????. I first heard this song in a commercial and that was for the first Gears of War game. I think, I remember the commercial of a marine in the dark and this song playing and then out of the darkness came a beast towering above and behind him. It was not the commercial that drew me to the song, but the melody of the song and the simplicity of the music and lyrics I heard. Then, it was this year, 2008, that I saw the movie “Donny Darko” for the first time and I heard this song in the movie and I was reminded of the piano playing and really making the song work.

7. Kind and GenerousNatalie Merchant. I saw this particular song was on a WDST CD, which might be like our radio station in Denver, Colorado KBCO. KBCO each year puts out exclusive songs by various artists that are recorded in the KBCO radio station studio (also known as Studio C). Often acoustic or a different variation of the song from the album version was played in Studio C. So, I listened to the 30-second clip and I heard that this was an exclusive song and I knew that I needed to have this song for my Natalie Merchant collection. I knew that I would never by that album with this song so that is why I bought this song.

8. PromiscuousNelly Furtado. I first heard this song on SNL (Saturday Night Live) and I could not believe Nelly Furtado was singing this with someone else. It was not the Nelly that I have heard in the past. Ever since that Saturday night on Saturday Night Live I have been wanting to buy this CD, but I have not gotten around to, yet. So, I bought this song, which is another iTunes exclusive, which means I am okay with this purchase too.

9. Long Hard RoadThe Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I have heard this song before, but not really listening to and being hooked to the “Long Hard Road” after hearing this song in the credits of “Texasville.” I know that I have had a long hard road and listening to the song relaxes me and also makes me think of Texas and my past in general. Perhaps there are more songs by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band that I my like, but I guess this is where the benefit of buying a single song actually comes in handy. And I have to admit when I am down at the Ranch in New Mexico I do hear this song every time I am in New Mexico.

10. Ready, Steady, GoOakenfold. Again, another song that was used for the U.S. Open Tennis. And it fucking fits. Yet, the past two years USA Networks did not use this while televising the U.S. Open. I also heard this song in the movie “Collateral” and just recently the “Bourne Identity.” I love the music and beat and it has not left my head. This was basically a no-brainer to purchase.

11. Black BettyRam Jam. I never knew the artist who sang this song. This song rocks – period! I bought the original version, but I did listen to some re-mixes and thought about buying a version of Black Betty, but thought to stick to the original since that is what I have heard of Black Betty. I think Black Betty really came to my attention from the movie “Blow.” Ever since I hope to hear this song on the radio.

12. Big LogRobert Plant. This was a no-brainer for me to buy. “My love is in league with the freeway…” and “the coming of night time” I first heard this song probably in Junior high or perhaps high school, but since then this song means a lot to me. My love was the freeways of life and I did drive all over the central United States to the western side of the United States and I was in league with the freeway. There is more that this song means to me, but I think that is something I need to keep to myself, for now.

13. Lethal IndustryTiesto. This song was sort of up in the air to purchase. I am sure that I would find this album and buy when I see, but the thought of not owning this version of the song that is 8 minutes long was too good to pass up. I have two short versions (about 3 minutes) and then I have like an almost 18 minute version of the song. So, having a version of the song between 3 and almost 18 minutes was too good to pass up. The song is good and there is a particular riff of the song that I could listen to over and over. All other parts of the song don’t matter.

14. Telling StoriesTracy Chapman. I first heard this song on KBCO and it was probably due to Brett Saunders of KBCO that got me hooked to liking this song. Brett said to us listeners that he like/loved this new song from Tracy Chapman, when it first came out, and from that point on I was hooked. From the opening of the song to the lyrics it really caught my attention. This song to me was nothing like the Tracy Chapman I heard from before (example – “Fast cars” and “Give me one reason.”)

And there you have it Readers. My “15 wishes” were finally redeemed and decided and now it was time to share my first ever purchases from iTunes with you faithful Readers and general Readers alike. I would have to say that the list is pretty well rounded and I am proud to say that I am very, very happy with my choice of songs that I purchased. Songs I obviously wanted and not songs that I had to have because I needed to have. I actually took some thought and what may happen later down the “Long Hard Road” of life.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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