Saturday, November 15, 2008

The "Missing" Ice Cream Bars

Greetings Readers

Well, you faithful Readers have heard (read) me blog about my “missing” Subway sandwich and perhaps other “missing” items throughout this blog. If I remember correctly, I was a bit irate since the day after I got my 12” Subway sandwich I put the other half in the work refrigerator so I could have the other half for lunch the following day.

Lo and behold – my last Subway sandwich went missing earlier this year.

Since that last incident I have occasionally bought and brought in some ice cream bars before work. Usually, it is box of 6 ice cream sandwiches or drumsticks. Mind you not the cheap kind. We are talking Dreyer’s, Dove, Nestle Crunch, etc.

Unfortunately, it is the work refrigerator freezer that I have to store my ice cream in and there is no way for me to guard my “good stuff.” Anyway, every now and then and ice cream bar would be gone and that’s that. I am fucked. So, I usually have a lost of one ice cream bar per box I bring in to work.

Well, last month I brought in a box of ice cream, Nestle Crunch, and I only got to have three ice cream bars in two days. Actually two ice cream bars, since I gave one to my friend. One disappeared between the afternoon and the following morning when I checked the refrigerator. Then, I decided that morning my friend and I are going to have ice cream for lunch. Lunch came and then there was no ice cream bars left. Un-fucking-believable.

Fuck me.

I was pissed, fucking pissed. Subway sandwich – no real reason to get pissed, but ice cream sandwiches are a fucking reason to get fucking pissed off when three go missing in four hours.

I know that I was asking for it when I included a post-it note on the ice cream box “I bought these ice cream bars, therefore they are not yours to eat. They are not free-so do not eat.”

Yet, where I work sometimes other departments have treats and the “extras” get put in the break room and the floor refrigerator. And in that case any “extras” are usually fair game to take and eat for free.

Yet, I wanted to state for the record that this was my ice cream and I bought it.

I was mad. Real mad. And I stayed mad for about two days. My close (so called) friends laughed and smiled and joked about if did I bring in more ice cream bars for the ice cream bar “thief.” At the end of the second day of being mad I had laugh with them. Though, I am secretly planning on how to get the last laugh. I think I know who this person is and they are having free treats on me, but I promise to have my revenge.

I have not let this go by a long shot, but I have not brought in any new ice cream bars since that last incident.

I would not have mind if someone had dropped some money in my ice cream box, buy the box was empty of money and ice cream and nothing to show for my purchase.

As the old Klingon saying goes

“Revenge is a dish best served cold”

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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