Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Other Side of Mr. Charley

Greetings Readers

Well, I thought to once more “toot” my own horn (since you know I love to do as much as I can). As you can see from the Blog picture post I got a letter from a vendor indicating to me that my “communication skills” were appreciated.

Oh yes readers, I have been carrying that letter around for the past week. I wanted to put this in my personnel file, but then I thought this just a letter, with a gift certificate, and I am happy enough. I do not need this in personnel file, since this may promote me, which I do not want to happen.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you Readers. Yes, to show you that the “business” side of me is opposite from what you have read on this blogsite. As I have stated for the record in my blog profile - I am two different people. There is “work” Daryl and then there is “not at work” Daryl.

And I am looking forward to take me and my friend to lunch on behalf of this very nice vendor that I deal with. After all, my friend is the one that does the driving when we go out for lunch each week.

Changing subjects – I think I have finally given away all my Halloween candy. Unfortunately, I did not get the trick or treaters in my neighborhood. And as per my custom I buy full size candy bars to give out as Trick or Treat Candy. I do not believe in the little bars of candy of bags of Halloween candy that us consumers can buy for the trick or treaters.

This past Halloween I was unable to go to ZZ Top so I was going to entertain the trick or treaters. And I have to say that it went well. The trick or treaters, and their parents (the hot moms) remembered me from last year. “Oh, you are the full size candy bar guy” or “you are the bike rider in our neighborhood” and I smile and agree. After all, one of those hot moms, if single, might come by. It has not happen, yet, but it might.

I think, that since Halloween was on a Friday this year it kept some of the Trick or Treaters from coming out. Perhaps their parents had plans on a Friday. I do not know. But in my opinion I think that is the reason why I did not get a lot of costumed children.

I used my bike wear as my costume and should anyone ask who I am I would say that I am either Greg Lemond or Jan Ulrich. Should someone say, “Are you L.A.?” I would say quickly – no.

P.S. Readers I lost my first bet of this Amazing Race Season. My friend chose “the divorcees” and she won. Urgh. I chose the “separated couple” since they had a speed bump to complete before resuming the Amazing Race, but they were able to recover nicely and not come in last. Oh, my friend had the taste of victory and she said “ah.”

I could not help to laugh with her. Hah hah.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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