Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank you Berkeley Breathed

Greetings Readers

I do miss my friend and I especially missed him this past Sunday. I bought the Sunday paper and I was hoping to see perhaps it was a "joke", but where "Opus" was on the front page was another Comic in its place. The Reality of "Opus" being gone really hit me.

I grew up with my friend since I was in junior high school and have to come to terms that it was the final good-bye.

Yes, the final good-bye. To me I lost my best friend. And his best friends.

Opus has been there for me for almost all my life. Well, not just Opus, but all the characters from Bloom County. When I had read that Bloom County was ending I was sad, but never thought anymore about it. Then, Outland was born and I got to see some, if not all, my Bloom county characters.

When Outland ended I thought that was the end.

Then, I saw in the Rocky Mountain News “Opus” and I immediately knew that is was Opus, the penguin from Bloom County. Since seeing Opus I have been a faithful follower. After all Berkeley Breathed has only a Sunday Comic to do each week. He does not have to do a comic each day. I was happy that Berkeley Breathed came back and if only to do a Sunday only comic. To see Opus and perhaps other characters I was more than willing to accept those terms.

“Opus” since his inception was nice. I followed every Sunday and made it a tradition to buy the Sunday paper for just “Opus” Even with the cost of the Sunday paper going up. Opus meant that much to me.

Each week I looked forward to “Opus” and perhaps a character from Bloom County showing up. After all I grew up with Bloom County and I deserved to see characters from Bloom County to make an appearance in “Opus”

Steve Dallas, Bill the Cat, Binkley, Oliver Wendell Jones, Lola and other characters made there way into “Opus” and I was happy and choked up to see my “old” friends once more.

When I found out that “Opus” was ending last month and Berkeley Breathed was hanging up his comic drawings I became very, very sad. Since Berkeley Breathed never mentioned of giving up Bloom County before in the past I assumed that he would come back. Now, he has stated for the record he will not bring back Opus and Bloom County - ever.

I did cry Readers. After all I grew up with Bloom County and all the spin-offs of the comic Bloom County. Each week I had something to look forward to on Sunday. Seeing Bloom County and perhaps laughing, but other times choking up on some subject in the comic “Opus”

Opus made me laugh. Opus made me cry. Opus made me remember the past. And Opus made me remember what I loved about Opus.

I just want to thank Berkeley Breathed for all the times Opus and Bloom County made me laugh and cry. Opus touched me and made laugh when I needed a laugh. I am sad to see Opus go, but I also understand why Mr. Breathed has decided to stop “Opus.”

For the past month I have been in denial and saying to myself “please don’t stop,” but I knew that this is really the end.

Goodbye Opus. Bill the Cat, Oliver Wendell Jones, Milo, Binkley, Steve Dallas, John Cutter, Hodge Podge, Ronald-Ann, Milquetoast, Rosebud, Lola, and other minor characters. You made me laugh more than I cried at you guys. I know for a fact there will never be a comic like yours to come.

Farewell. And once more THANK YOU very much for being in most of my life
Update 11/12/08 - these are my only two Stuffed Opus's that I have pictured on today's post.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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