Saturday, November 08, 2008

The "Qdoba" Incident

Greetings Readers

As I walked into Qdoba’s last Friday I saw that the place was a bit busy, busier than usual.

I saw my Qdoba girl and she was looking just as gorgeous as the last time I saw her.

I saw that she was manning the first station on the line – meaning that she was the person greeting each customer and asking what he or she wanted to eat.

When my turn came I was acting pretty customer-like, meaning I was not too friendly since there were other customers around. I just did not want to make our meetings too friendly in front of other customers. Her co-workers I was not worried about at all.

I said “Steak burrito – black” and she started getting my burrito together.

About 20 seconds later she passed me off to the next person whose job on the line was to add all the ingredients to the burrito, main dish. I was unable to say, “see you later” or “bye” since it was busy and there was a line behind me. We made brief eye contact before she greeted the next customer, but that was all.

Then, the ingredient woman passed me off to the cashier lady who rang me up. I said “Steak burrito, chips and salsa and a large drink” and she responded $ 10.65.

I gave her a ten-dollar bill and a one-dollar bill for a total of $ 11.00. I got my change back and proceeded to head to the table that I ate at the last time I was in Qdoba’s (Two Friday’s ago).

I was happy to see my Qdoba girl and the happiness showed on my face. Not to mention that this was going to be night that I am going to make my move.

Well, something occurred to me while I took my first bite of my steak burrito. I picked up my receipt and looked at the receipt.

Flashback – I remember from the last visit two weeks ago that I had reached my free burrito status. What that means is that I have bought 10 burritos so with my loyalty card after my 10th burrito I get the next burrito free. Anyway, last week my Qdoba girl was not there so I only ordered chips and salsa, which meant I would get a “free” burrito on the next visit.

Present – I see on the receipt that my meal cost about $ 3.65 and according to the receipt I gave the cashier lady four dollars. Readers, as I just wrote I gave her $ 11.00 dollars. And believe me, since I knew I only had a ten-dollar bill and some ones, since I planned to go the bank for some spending cash this weekend because I was broke. Yet, I was not able to get to the bank, therefore I made sure I had enough money to go to Qdoba’s that evening.

There I sat with my left hand holding the steak burrito and my right hand holding the receipt. I shook my head back and forth in a no-no motion.

I thought to myself “fuck me.”

Why could not this have happened on the second burrito, the seventh burrito or the eighth burrito purchase? Why did this have to happen on the “Free” burrito time? Why?!

Damn. My faithful Readers probably know what’s going to be the next thing I do in such a situation I found myself in.

I looked over my left shoulder and still see that there is still a line and they all are busy.

I turned my head back to the front sitting position and bowed my head in what I was going to do next.

Readers! I am not a fucking “cheap bastard.” Yet, there I was thinking about what I was going to do next. Granted, they charged me for my free burrito and basically that is about $ 7.00 dollars. I know Readers – it is only seven dollars. But. Yes another but. But it took me 10 visits at the cost of about 8 dollars per visit to get my “free” burrito. In the grand scheme of things, and yes my accounting side once more made an appearance, multiply 8 (8 dollars a visit) times 10 (each visit) and you come to $ 80.00 dollars. It took me roughly $ 80.00 to earn my free burrito.

If it was any other visit besides the “free” burrito visit I would have fucking let it go. Yes, I would have fucking care less. Yet, this was the “free” burrito visit and I really earned this “free” burrito visit.

I grabbed the change that I grabbed out of the change dispenser when I paid for my meal and headed up to the cashier lady that checked me out.

Just my fucking luck that I had to address the person who did not speak English well and apparently she did not understand English well. And Readers you know this is what I hate about the fast food places I visit. I am happy for immigrants to get jobs, but on the other hand I want to be understood and be able to understand what I may have to say should I say more than what I want to eat.

If you cannot speak and or understand English then you should not be in a position to be dealing with the public. As I have just written there are instances that require for us customers to address the employee who helped “us.”

As I spoke and explained what I just noticed the cashier lady just looked at me.

Readers, it took great resistance not to act like I would normally do when in a position such as this. Believe me I was just itching to say, “Give me someone who understands English!” or something to that effect. But. My Qdoba girl was just down the line and I sure did not want to look like a fucking rude customer in her eyes.

I make no apologies to you Readers or anyone else. I am rude every now and then, but believe me Readers I just do not get rude for the sakes of getting rude. Usually something sparks of the rudeness – whether unintentionally or intentionally.

Man oh man – I was submissive and not being me when trying to explain to the cashier lady what I just noticed on my receipt. My number one priority was not making sure that I was not looking like a fucking rude customer in front of my Qdoba girl.

Well, the cashier lady did not comprehend and soon enough what I did not want happen happened.

My Qdoba girl comes over and said something to the effect “How can I help you?” or “What seems to be the problem?” in the most nicest way. By the way, she was fidgeting in front of me and I think this was due to the way we know each other. Then again, it was probably just me noticing. I do not know. She moved her hands in front of her, in back of her and then crossed her arms. Meanwhile, I was thinking, “Damn, she had to come over herself.”

Oh Readers, since she came over no one was manning the burrito station, which meant every customer in line was looking at me and her. I was holding up the line with my issue.

I quickly explained what I noticed when I got back to my table and then what I just said to the cashier lady. My Qdoba girl speaks Spanish to the cashier lady. There were about three quick conversations. Meanwhile, no burritos are being made.

I know, I know I probably should have let the “free” burrito go, but it was principality. Just like the movie “Friday” – “…principality, Smokey”

I was being so not me, I did not want Qdoba girl to think anything bad about me, but I also did not want to pay for my “free” burrito.

Now, this conversation was about a minute or so then Qdoba girl reaches into the cash drawer and pulls out $ 7.00 dollars and hands me the money.

I said thank you, but then I thought I wonder if she thought I was trying to rip-off the store. I was not. Or perhaps she was thinking “let me get this guy (customer) out of my fucking hair so I can get back to the line of customers that were waiting” for her. I do not know.

I said something to the effect “are we cool?” she nodded yes, but I thought not.

I go back to my table with the $ 7.00. Damn Readers, I felt like an ass, but I did everything right.

Well, perhaps not all right, since perhaps I should have checked my receipt before leaving the cash register. But, I just saw my Qdoba girl and as you faithful Readers know she is one the top things on my mind these days. Everything else is basically second to her.

I got back to my table and immediately thought to myself I should have let it go. Now, I look like an ass. Now, I cannot give her my phone number. I mean how would it looked if I try and give her my phone number after bringing up I was charged incorrectly for my meal. I just fucked up the rest of my visit to Qdoba’s that Friday. I can only hope that she comes by my table and says something.

Damn. Damn. Damn. Why does this sort of shit happen to me? Why?

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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