Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The "Safeway" Incident

Greetings Readers

So, nothing sucks more than having an off morning and only to find out later that something was destine to make the day much more off than it should.

So, there I was not ready to take on the world and running a bit late. Not to mention that I need to pick up some Coca-Cola at one of the grocery stores on the way to the Light Rail station. Oh yes Readers, I was not in the mood to ride all the way to work. So, I was going to ride about 2 miles and be done with it.

Well, there she was on Arapahoe Road – Safeway. I figured that I would stop here since the day before I had stopped at Albertson’s and saw that there were no good sales on Coca-Cola. Perhaps there was going to be a good sale at Safeway.

I was not running late, but had no reason to browse the grocery store. I made a b-line to the soft drinks aisle and headed directly to the Coca-Cola section. Which by the way they moved from the front of the store to the back of the store and we Readers know why Safeway did that. Why? Well, Pepsi products are not being bought as much as Coca-Cola. So, when Safeway moved the Coca-Cola to the back of the store every customer must walk by Pepsi and all other brands until we get to the back of the store.

Fuck me right? Nope. An inconvenience, but nothing to get worked up about.

So, I see nothing on sale so I decided to buy those 12 oz plastic bottles that come in the 8-pack box container. The price was about four dollars, but I figure to throw caution to the wind and splurge a little. I thought about a 12 pack of Coca-Cola, but 3 for $ 12.00 was something I did not want to do.

I know I have wrote that I am a person looking for the best buy, but in some cases I have to take something over another.

I grabbed what I wanted and headed down the aisle straight for the register that had a light on indicating that the register was on.

At the register I see that there is that black (afro-American) lady that I do not care for. I do not hate her, but I do not care for her. As I was approaching the register, which by the way Readers she was standing tall before the register, she starts to leave the register.

“What the fuck?” I thought to myself. I made eye contact with her, I was walking straight to the register and I looked ready to be checked out.

She continues to walk away and I decided to slam down my 8 pack of Coca-Cola on the conveyor belt. Not hard, but enough to make some noise to indicate that I am ready to be checked out.

I see her casually turn around and head back to the register and then proceed to walk on by. She did not say a word. Not a fucking word. Meanwhile, my gaze never left her.

She then heads to the next register and then fiddles with something below the register, but not acknowledging me that I am looking at her. And by gosh she knows that I am looking at her.

I would have to say about 30 seconds have passed by this point. I was pissed off, but a controlled pissed off. I just could not believe that she just walked away from the register and then returned to the register and then walked on by without saying a word.

Fuck me.

Finally she looks at me and says, “I can’t help you.” A pause “he will be able to help you” she points to the customer service desk at the front of the store. Which by the way that other cash register person is helping another person.

Now. In the grand scheme of things I would have no problem waiting for that guy to finish up with that customer. But. Yes, a but. But it is about 7:45 A.M. I had already saw that the customer service person was already helping that person before I even reached the cash register. I know for a fact that black lady was not a manager, a supervisor, a bagger, or a deli person. I know that she strictly deals with the check out.

My question was what the fuck was she doing then when I made a b-line to the register? If she was on break then she should not be out in the register lane looking as if she was waiting for the next customer. If that was not her register then perhaps she should have opened “her register” lane for me (or anyone else.) Again Readers, I point out she was standing at the open register looking as if she was ready to check anyone out and then she leaves the register when she sees me approach. Then she turns around and walks toward and by the open register where I am standing at not saying a word.

That is what pissed me off.

Then, I thought about work – team player. I joke about “team player” and what that means when I say that. I could not think that this was the perfect time to bring that up.

Still looking at her I say “I see that you put the “I” in team player.” I did not shout or yell that, but I did say that louder than one would say.

I let about five seconds pass and I can literally see her mouth get smaller and her right eye twitch a little.

I continue “Well since you can not check me out then why don’t you make yourself useful and put this away.”

I have a very slight smile on my face, but not a smile by any means. I then turn my back on her and walk on out the door.

By the way Readers – If you are new Readers – I do not believe in self check out. I am the customer / consumer and no one is paying me to check myself out. That is why there are cashiers who handle the registers – if you are hired as a cashier then it is your fucking job to check me (a customer) out. After all that is why a store hired your ass.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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