Friday, July 03, 2009

My New Neighbor - Jenny

Greetings Readers

About 1/2 a month ago I met my new next door neighbor. I saw the moving boxes, couches, plants, bed, etc.

I noticed my new neighbor since she was the only one I was seeing, besides the moving guys that were bringing in her stuff into her "humble" abode. Well, let me rephrase that I was not seeing any guy over and over that could be her boyfriend and or husband. Not that I am looking for a new neighbor to be my new woman in my life, but I have to admit she does look like someone I could know than just a neighbor. I know, I know, I am being superficial, but alas I admit my weakness regarding the opposite sex.

Anyway, we finally came face to face in June (right before the Ride the Rockies) and I took the initiative and introduced myself to her.

After the pleasantries were done that was that. Here name is... "Jenny." Of course, I could not help to think "Jenny" from Forrest Gump, "She is my special friend" I smiled and then left to be.

Not that it matters, I hope, I was dressed to the nines in my biking gear so I hope she was/was not judging on first dress impressions (depending on your point of view). Otherwise, I would have loved to meet her in my work clothes or a nice casual outfit as a first impression.

She looked casual since she was moving in at that time. I can not remember actually seeing her eyes or not, but I do remember her petite size, figure, hair and hand when we shook.

Fast forward to the present, I was feeling pretty good one evening when I came home. I had come from the liquor store and had a six pack of Fat Tire. Well, the past week it has been raining and raining. So when I going home I spotted a pair of Tennis shoes drying outside her humble abode. I thought to myself - what the hell - what do I have to lose. I decided right there and then to go home, get a post it note and write "Happy Fourth from your next door neighbor - Daryl" or something close to that effect. Again, I am not sure what I exactly wrote since I was a little nervous about doing what I was doing and whether or not I should be. Yet, I felt I needed to try and new that nothing ventured nothing gained. Also, I was drinking before coming home - so I bet that had a part of me doing what I was doing.

I did not think she was home and I was really not wanting to knock on her door and find out. So, I did the next best thing in my mind. I taped the post it note on one bottle of beer and the went over to her humble abode and put that bottle of Fat Tire in one of her Tennis (running) shoes and leave.

I could not believe I did that. After all, I have not talked to Jenny for about 1/2 month nor have I seen her for about the same amount of time. If I get a response - great. If not - then so be it. And Sam(my) - There is not and will not be any stalking - so there.

That it Readers, nothing else to add.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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