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Tour de France 2009 - Stage 17

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Apparently, "The God of Thunder" was showing who the true Green Jersey wearer is. Not to mention - he has earned the wearing of the Green Jersey.

Now, I am not sure if I am looking correctly, but I do not think that the news has been carried on the AP wire. Though, I will admit that I have not researched at all.

I am going from word of mouth and the live coverage of Stage 17 that started at 4:30 AM MST today.

Mark Cavendish is apparently bent out of shape and feels robbed. Only because he did not keep his line at the finish line a few stages ago. It was subtle, but this was not the first time that Cavendish has gotten in the way of "The God of Thunder." Last week Mark bumped "The God of Thunder" and even though that bump was slight - you have to wonder was it an accidentally or not. After all, just a little nudge can cost another rider a victory sign. Also, was Hincapie a contributor to Thor losing a second of two because he may or may not have gotten in "The God of Thunder's" line towards the sprint to the finish line early on in the Tour? I do not know.

So, I can not quote, but I guess Mark all but called Thor a cheat and the Green Jersey he is wearing is tainted. And will continue to be tainted when the Green Jersey reaches Paris.

Now, I do not dislike Mark Cavendish, but Mark is acting like his age, a bit too cocky, and then being a cry-baby is really starting to annoy me.

However, "The God of Thunder" did not take those comments by Mark lightly, I speculate. What I saw this morning was a beat down by "The God of Thunder." Even though the stage was a pure mountain stage - 4 Cat 1 mountain climbs and I think there was a Cat 2 mountain climb "The God of Thunder" managed to be the lone rider in front for most of the stage 17. At one point "The God of Thunder" was over 2 minutes ahead of a chase group of 20 riders or so and "The God of Thunder" was at one point over 5 minutes ahead of the Peloton.

How fucking great was that!? "The God of Thunder" showed he earned that Green Jersey and why he is wearing that Green jersey.

And where was Cavendish you wonder? At the back of the Peloton. "The God of Thunder" had a goal this day and it was to win the 2 intermediate stage sprints for a total of 12 points to be added to his Green jersey totals. I am sure that he wanted those 12 points, but more importantly he wanted to show us watchers he is "The God of Thunder."

One may say, or even Mark may say, he did not try for points since he was disappointed because of his Green jersey points behind denied to him on one stage win. That may be, but if that was the case, we viewers need to be prepared to a prima donna in the future. If Mark wins then the cockiness side will show, but if he loses then he is going to complain like a bitch.

Another thought did occur to me even though this was a mountain stage, the Polka dot jersey aka King of the Mountain jersey contenders really did not try for maximum points on the stage - meaning first place. Was this because "The God of Thunder" was too fucking good? Or was this because they too wanted to see "The God of Thunder" get the maximum sprint points on today's stage and no points for Mark Cavendish? Or were most of the riders working together to let "The God of Thunder" get points for the remarks Mark Cavendish made? I do not know.

But Readers - seeing the "The God of Thunder" a pure Sprint rider dominating, leading, all alone and way out in front of every Tour de France rider on a Pure Mountain stage - hell the Alps Mountain stage - was fucking phenomenal to see. We may never see such a scenario by another Sprint Rider ever again.

"The God of Thunder" aka Thor Hushovd was the rider of this specific stage.

And on a personal note - I got a bit choked up seeing the Schlek brothers (both on the same bike team and wearing the Saxo Bank white bike jerseys) riding and crossing the finish line together. One brother helping another rider in an event where brothers are not the norm. One brother helping another brother out in one of the greatest cycling events in the world.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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