Monday, June 29, 2009

Wimbledon 2009 - Day 7

Greetings Readers

Rusty has done it!

"Come on!"

I was listening to the Wimbledon radio on the website only when they were able to provide match coverage since this particular match was on court 2, which has no live radio coverage. Only Centre Court and Court One has live radio round coverage.

I watching the live score tracker and seeing Lleyton was in a heap of trouble. Lleyton lost the first two sets (4-6, 2-6) and appeared to me he may be going back to Australia. Apparently, he called for a trainer and only the radio announcer could say it was probably a pull groin or something another.

Then, the inevitable happened. Rain. Rain delay.

I do think that helped Lleyton entirely, but it did help him rest until the rain delay was over. Lleyton came back 6-1, 6-2 and I was watching in awe on the Live Scoretracker. Rusty has a chance to make the match entertaining.

Then, it was over. Lleyton has done it and not without the support of the Australian fans at Wimbledon, which he thanked them personally. Lleyton won the 5th set 6-2. Amazing, but not amazing. Lleyton is moving on and without Nadal in his section he has an amazing chance to make it to the finals. I do not think I am reaching.

And these pictures are from his match today. His "Lawnmower" sign and his hand sign that he does when he wins. Lleyton of old and nice to see him getting deeper and deeper into tournaments after his surgery.

Readers - I also have updated and posted the first day of riding on the 2009 Ride the Rockies journal I kept. Please click on the history bar Ride the Rockies - Day 1 to read my detailed tour journal or click here for the link to the post. Still more to publish.

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