Monday, July 06, 2009

Tour de France 2009 - Stage 3

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I can not believe that the "God of Thunder" is doing so well this year in the Tour de France. If it was not for Mark Cavendish of Team Columbia "The God of Thunder" of Team Cervelo would most likely be the Green Jersey Leader. I had predicted that "The God of Thunder" would take the second stage, but I was proven wrong at the end. Yet, "The God of Thunder" was the fourth rider to cross the line.

Now, he was the second rider to cross the line on the third stage of the Tour de France.

I have talked about the "The God of Thunder" a bit in the past (matter of fact it was one year ago)and why I like the name "The God of Thunder." If he is in the tour "The God of Thunder" has a chance. Getting old, but still a favorite of mind.

I will be unable to see the live coverage I taped in the morning, but I will have to see what "The God of Thunder" did on Stage 3 at a later date.

The big thing that happen today was a break-away at the end of the stage and that did alter the GC (that General Classification) riders a bit. Well, more so since that GC leader board should not have changed at all, due to the nature of the stage. Yet, it happen and that is why I like watching the Tour de France live and seeing events such as this happening and not hearing/reading about it later that day.

P.S. "The God of Thunder" is on the right side of the picture while Mark Cavendish is on the left. My opinion - That victory sign Mark did was so fucking un-Mark Cavendish like. We faithful cyclists and tour watchers know the real stage winner sign Mark Cavendish displays and that is great - both arms outstretched with his forefinger pointing up from a closed fist. But this victory sign sort of conveys that to us people - yeah let me thumb my nipple to an erect status while talking to you on the phone about just winning this stage. Matter of fact, if I was not on the phone I would thumbing both my nipples for a photo finish picture so I don't look so ridiculous with only one thumb on my left nipple. LOL - I made myself laugh trying to type that! No disrespect to Mark, but really a I'm on the phone victory sign at the finish?! It looks bad.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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