Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And the Earth Shook

Greetings Readers

Boom - I Kissed Mother Earth.

Flashback - Not a good day for me overall. Things were tough and just did not go my way.

Now, with the worse presumably behind me I decided to take the long way home just to cruise and take it easy. I did not want to deal with traffic so I decided to take the side streets and the now empty office parks along the way home.

I came to the downhill portion of the way home, where I usually drop down into my lower gears. This helps me when I start pedaling so that I can actually feel my pedalling as opposed to be in a higher gear and just pedalling with no "pedalling power" aka "pedalling air."

Of all evenings the stoplight suddenly changed from green to red. A car was leaving late from one office park and obviously set off the sensor. That meant I had to stop. Yes, it was just that one car and me. No other vehicles were seen. I could have blown through the stop light, but I did not.

So, I stopped and waited for about 20 seconds I estimate. Somehow, I must have geared up and then probably rolled my bike backwards a bit when I came to a stop. When I did that something, it dislodged the chain from the crank a bit. And that bit was all it needed.

The light turned green and then I pushed down on my left pedal to get going. Well, the chain instantly slipped free and caused my body to go forwards and to the left. I slammed my inner thigh into my bike frame and my upper body to hit my handlebars. All this time, the bike barely moved, until I slammed into the bike frame with my body, which at that point the bike weaved to the left and I immediately lost my balance. With my bike going left and my foot stuck in the clip and my right foot off the ground I was going down.

And down I went to kiss Mother Earth. I wobbled for about one foot and then fell sideways into the street. The car to the side and behind me managed to avoid driving over me and kept on going. No, it did not bother me. I was not looking for help nor was it his fault for this accident.

I hate slamming into the ground. I got up and then noticed that my chain somehow got wrapped around the left crank arm and then the chain was on the gear. How in the world that happen I do not know? I walked my bike to the sidewalk and shook my head in disgust since I was going to do the one thing I hate to do.

Getting my hands on the bike chain. Urgh. That just burns me up every time that I have to handle a bike chain. The grease, dirt, etc and then takes forever to wash the chain stains away from your hands.

Before doing that though, I literally had to take off the back wheel since the chain was securely lodged between the crank and chain guard derailleur.

After fixing my issue I finally took a look at myself. Great - a cut on the left knee, on the left shoulder and I felt tenderness in my inner left thigh (looking forward to two bruises, I bet)

I got home, ate my Jason's Deli sandwich, which I picked up before my accident since I did not want to cook dinner.

After I ate it was time to clean myself up. I got the warm water going, the ointment, and band aids. A few minutes later I had my Scooby Doo band aid on and I thought to myself - hey, I saw this on a movie trailer this year - Paul Bart - Mall Cop or some movie title close to take.

Of course, I have been wearing Scooby Doo Band aid long before that movie came out. Perhaps, someone saw that on me and now it is in a movie. Though, I am not going to take credit.

You know me Readers - I am Gangsta, even more so when I sport that Scooby Doo Band Aid for everyone to see.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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