Monday, July 27, 2009

New Plaza near Arapahoe Light Rail Station

Greetings Readers

So many things have happened in the past month and a half. I have done the Ride the Rockies, then the French Open was on TV, then Wimbledon, then my parents coming up to visit and finally for the past three weeks - the 2009 Tour de France.

Beyond those important things in my life - the new plaza opened up near the Arapahoe Light Rail station. Now, there is a water fountain and a new way that is required for us people walking west from the Light Rail Station and Arapahoe. You know how I wrote about the new fucked up pedestrian path a while back and how there were some hair pin corners and how the old path was "Golden."

Well, now the new plaza path is even more fucked up that I thought it could get. There are some corners and hair pins turns which are even worse than I was complaining about.

Before mid week last week I was able to hold about 5 to 8 mph going down the pedestrian path when there are no walkers. When there are walkers I wait on my bike while holding onto the railing until all pass and then I can ride down (or up) the pedestrian walk. The corners were sharp, but doable after getting used to the corners.

Now, the new plaza path for wheelchairs (and probably bikes too) is fucked up on the top portion. There is a nice walkway, but 80 degree corners (as opposed to 90 degree corners) and then there are the metal railings. The metal railings stick out into the walkway making the walkway even more smaller (tight). I literally had to stop and guide myself around the corners and hairpin turns while holding onto the railing. Yes, Readers I think I will have to get a picture of this (if I have not by the time I publish this post).

However, the lower portion of the plaza is just a crescent moon circle walkway and very nice to go down (or up). I can literally break the sound barrier going down the walkway. So smooth, so new, and so not have to worry about any corners in lower portion of the walkway.

And before any of you Readers tell me that I should be walking my bike. Fuck you and fuck that. It is not posted (probably not yet, but I am sure it will be) that I have to dismount from my bike. Until then I am going to ride like I own that parcel of the plaza. Well, not just like that, but with smugness. I know, I know - what's new right.

There are some stairs on the upper and lower portion of the new plaza and I do feel that I will be walking down (and up) those steps pretty soon.

Oh yes, someone has blocked off the old walkway, so dealing with the lessor of the two fucked up walkways is not an option anymore. Story of my life - just deal with it.

P.S. I have a new neighbor (well, about month and half now) and I have to admit I am getting very attracted to her. I have some posts that I mentioned her, but I have not published. I guess that is one thing that keeps a smile on my face and a nice feeling overall. Whether or not she is involved I do not know, but not knowing and me thinking there might be an opportunity does not hurt my current status about her.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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