Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour de France 2009 - Stage 10

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Alas, "The God of Thunder" got edged out by Cavendish. Close. And now, there is yet another different victory sign he has made. Once more different from the victory sign we faithful watchers know of and different from his TO wanna be victory sign from last week.

After some careful research I have come to the conclusion that Mark is being held hostage and these "victory signs" are a way of telling us what he can not tell us verbally.

The telephone victory sign is actually the sign that he can not use a land line or cell phone to call for help. Team Columbia is actually holding him hostage and forcing him to win some stages. Further yet, Mark better win the Green jersey at the end of the Tour de France or else. An ultimatum, but not a good one for Mark.

The victory sign for today was his way to tell us that he does not know where he is being held at when they escort him after the testing area of a stage win. Apparently, after being tested Mark becomes groggy and soon loses all his bearing on what/where he is being taken to after required post race testing. He can not see where he is being held each night.

Never mind, that does not fly. Matter of fact, that conspiracy theory/ hostage theory has more holes than a bag pipe does. Fuck it.

Mark is really telling us watchers that he is going to use an escort service (call girl) for his victory celebration for that particular stage win last week. Forget his team members, choosing between a call girl and a team of cyclists - well it does not take a 5th grader (you know Readers - that show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader.") to figure out a night with a hot call girl is going to be so much rewarding than a night giving high fives about his victory to other guys.

Well, now with this new victory sign on Stage 10 - it is the sign that he wished he did not see that call girl since she was "not hot" at all. Matter of fact, this is going to be the universal victory sign that he had to put a brown paper bag over the call girl's head. So the victory sign for today it was really saying Mark's call girl night was not a sight to see.

You know what Readers, that does not fly either.

If Mark would just go back to his "regular" victory sign I am betting the rest of the cycling world would be okay.

Better yet, if Mark did the John Cena "You can't see me!" sign I would be okay with that. Perhaps the rest of the cycling world would be okay with that. Although, I think Mark weights about 150 pounds so a guy built that huge doing the "You can't see me" is kinda laughable for Mark's body type.

Okay, I am getting serious now. This is the first stage in about 15 years or 16 years since radio were first introduced into the Tour de France that the Tour de France riders were forbidden to use radios on this year's particular stage. I am all for the no use of radios this year on particular stages. This brings back the element of bike racing in the Tour de France that I grew up with.

Now, there are both sides. You cite sight safety. You could cite well why don't we just ban bike helmets. You could say this brings back more "interesting" elements. And so goes the reasons.

I have heard the news of a boycott(s). Complaining. Yet, these complaints are all made by teams not French related to France. Or something to that effect. Every team except the french team(s) signed a petition about the banning of radio on this stage.

If the riders, team captains do not like the banning of radios then leave the Tour de France. Forfeit. But Fuck You for acting like a whinny bitch. Or perhaps acting like your wife/girlfriend. What I mean - do these same riders and captains sign a petition and show their wives/girlfriends that they are against their wives/girlfriends if they don't like it? Nope, you do what the wife/girlfriend wants or else. No sex or out the door, I bet. So, the same riders just need to suck it up pretend that the Tour de France is their wife/girlfriend and accept it. After all, one day (well, 2 days of doing what the Tour wants) and the rest of days you ride the way you have been doing before the rule was included for this year's 2009 Tour de France.

It is what it is. Just quit, if it bothers you. After all, it is honor to be one rider of 10 riders chosen to be a rider in the Tour de France. So many riders never get the chance to ride in the Tour de France. If you leave so be it - the Tour de France will continue onward to Paris without you. Matter of fact, I am betting that should a rider(s) do just quit the Tour de France there names would be associated to this banning of radios and forever become history of the Tour de France.

I can see a year from now should any rider/team quits the Tour de France I would list and probably write something to the effect - One year ago - this particular team captain and a few members of his team acted like bitches after leaving the tour for not liking the banning of radiod on just two stages of the 2009 Tour de France. Only two stages there was banning of radiod, yet the other 19 stages radios were allowed. Instead of manning up they acted like bitches.

Changing topics - today was the first day, I think, that we got to see the France Sunflowers we see every year.

Readers, I am tired of writing so I will stop. Again, I don't dislike Mark Cavendish, but I do not care for his latest "new" stage victory signs. The banning of radios - it is just two stages - get over it. If the riders do not like it then quit the Tour de France. After all, the Tour director Christian Prudhomme is following what the UCI (International Cycling Union) actually put into effect for this year's Tour de France, if I researched this subject correctly.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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