Monday, January 31, 2011

It's gonna get colder baby!

Greetings Readers

Fuck me. You know Readers? From time to time I have shown (written) that I am a "penny pincher" from time to time.

Anyway, it got colder today.

So, there I was getting off work later than I should of and knew that I was going to take Light Rail and then try to time the RTD bus on the bus route that I need to catch on the way home.

I got changed, bundled up pretty good and my fare ($2.25) ready before heading out in the sub-zero temperature outside. I was riding on the streets due to the sidewalks not being shovel out from the snow. Anyway, it was about 6:00 P.M. so traffic was light.

I came to the street that I was to turn on when I thought to myself... what if I have to wait for the next Light Train to come? I ain't going to wait in this mother fucking cold. No way. And then have to pay 2.25 just for a short Light Rail ride and then perhaps another wait until a RTD bus shows up for my bus route? No way. I am keeping my money. I would rather suffer now and keep the money than have to wait for the Light Rail, get warm, get cold waiting for the bus, and then finally get warm on a short bus ride home.

Six miles. Yet, miles in this fucking cold. Well, I kept on riding and was doing good. Though until about mile three, I estimate when I started to feel the cold in my fingers, feet, and the outside of my thighs.

And that is where this is the picture was taken about. About three miles from work and about three miles from home. I thought what the fuck. I stopped riding and decided to take a picture. Might as well mark the moment on this frigid evening. Also, it would stop the frigid wind I was feeling on my body and face from bike riding with Lily.

In the end I was very cold, but ok in a manner of speaking - as long I was not misery cold. I thought about taking a hot shower to warm up, but then thought otherwise. I turn on the t.v. switched to W.W.E. Raw, then turned on the stereo and turned off the t.v. I was going to crawl into bed and just listen to the t.v., W.W.E. Raw, in the dark.

Man oh man, certain parts of my body were very cold. It was cold in the sheets, but I could actually feel the frigid cold that my body experienced. Wow. I would say all in all it took about 30 minutes for me to actually feel warm and okay. The outside of my thighs got real cold. That is the part that usually does not get cold due to the pedaling and the blood flow being circulated in the thighs. Yet, tonight the skin on my thigh was icy cold to the touch.


Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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