Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Summary perhaps?

Greetings Readers

The many things that I do not like coming back from the Ranch is that I have to check all of my Internet accounts as well as emails that I was unable to access. This is due to the location of where our Ranch is as well as the isolation from the world where our Ranch is.

I was able to log onto my Facebook account for a few minutes and check one of the email accounts I have and boy oh boy I do not want to go through that mess. Though with one of my email accounts - that is my junk email account so most of those emails can be deleted right off the top.

The facebook account is just an everyday account that I mainly use for gaming for the two games that I play regularly – Farmville and Mafia Wars. I saw over a 100+ friend requests, which I did not even bother to even get started on answering / replying. There were two messages, but the one that I was hoping for was not there.

I checked the blog account – not anything new really, but the traffic has picked up since I have started to blog once more again on a regular basis. I do like to see that since I like to think I am sort of interesting to follow / read.

What I have written is just my personal stuff. I have yet to check my work stuff. I almost got the hankering to check, but thought I am going to find out in another day so another day can wait.

I have no qualms about this. Since I do not have access to the Internet that means I will not be able to be on the Internet. Sure, I do not like being incommunicado for such a long time, but I have learned to deal with this. I know that I saw a TV commercial that advertised you could have Internet access via satellite, but for me that is so far not needed in my life. I can not even imagine the cost, but really thinking about it how much am I going to utilize satellite Internet? Only the times that I am visiting the Ranch is when I can use this service. The parents probably could use the service also, but first they will need a computer / laptop with wireless connection.

That is the tip of the iceberg, I have the mail and phone messages to check. As well as stock the fridge and do laundry. I also have to get caught up on current events that have happened in Colorado, as well as elsewhere. Though, I did listen to the local radio station KTNN and got the hourly CNN updates at the top of the hour.

Alright Readers, time for me to continue catching up with my everyday life and I will let you get back to yours.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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