Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wimbledon 2009 - Day 6

Greetings Readers

I know, I know, to my other faithful Readers - I have not been entertaining you nor enlightening you Tennis Readers with my 2009 French Open or 2009 Wimbledon match reviews for this year.

I do not know why I am not on the ball. I guess I was busy, but not that busy. I just have gotten into Wimbledon about mid week, because of Lleyton Hewitt. He is sort of an underdog for all he has gone through the past couple of years, but not that much of an underdog (though not ranked for Wimbledon). He has not been great for the past couple of years due to injuries, but when he does show up he can play like the Hewitt of the past. Yet, he has matured and knows that his time in the light is about over. Yet, he does not have the same attitude that Marat Safin has this year, which may be his last time on the Tennis tour.

I am glad to see him playing like he is, but also I get to see Lleyton backwards cap, hear the "Come On!, and then see the imfamous "Lawnmower move" from Rusty when he bag's the elephant!

"Come On!"

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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