Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bike to Work Day 2009

Greetings Readers

The 2009 Bike to Work Day really did not "pan out" for me too well.

I feel, felt, that I got "jipped" on any of the freebies that were offered on Bike to Work Day.

In addition, I felt that a one-day rider caused me to have a rear bike flat.

Fuck me.

Right? I defense of the the rider I was slip streaming... Only kidding. As you know Readers there is no way that a one-day rider would be out riding me nor would I even give a thought of drafting that rider. Ok, back to the story... drafting I was in no hurry and I was on a sort of busy side street so I did not want to chance a passing of this rider on a fairly early morning traffic commute in the city of Centennial.

I will and do admit I was sort of following pretty close to this one-day rider and I knew, really knew that I should not have been following that close. Yet, I did and no particular reason that I can remember why. Well, somehow the rider avoided a fair large size rock on the street / gutter boundary and I did not. Man oh man, my tire went flat the instant I rode my rear wheel over that baby. What also made me squint was that I was riding on HED Jet C2 rim.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I was about 1/2 mile away from my humble abode so instead of messing with the flat tire on the side of the road and dealing with patches/glue/tire levers and getting black "gunk" on my hands I decided to walk home and get a new tire instead. And after inspecting the HED rim the rim was okay and no damage.

After my little bike flat incident I was heading back into the same direction I was going in and off to get my "free shit" of the day.

I stopped at Panera bread - three different stores, The CAC, Vitamin Cottage, REI, and a booth that was off in the Meridan area.

All in all, I got shitty free stuff. I got a free one day pass for the CAC. I got three bagels, I got a water bottle, I also got three full water bottles of free tea from Panera bread, A pin, and some literature. To me, in my humble opinion, I got nothing worth posting, bragging or even a second thought of mentioning. Well, perhaps the CAC one day pass.

And I did get to work an hour later. It sucked to be me this morning.

Oh yeah, apparently an apartment/condo complex in the Meridan was suppose to be a bike stop, but I did not see anything in front or open when I went by in the morning.

But the glimmer of a smile was the comments I did get on my Southpark bike jersey and the front HED H3 rim and the back HED Jet C2 rim got the looks of the everyday and one-day riders. Almost nothing is good as a deep passionate kiss from a sultry woman than a hard look from another rider at my HED rims. Oh baby!

And that was my day on Bike to Work Day 2009 in Denver, Colorado.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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