Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ride the Rockies - Day 4 - Update 5:52 P.M.

Greetings Readers

Update - 6/17/09 @ 5:52 P.M. - Trouble me. Fuck Me. Today was suppose to be my rest day, but somehow I started to bike like a cyclist that was perhaps could be high on something. I have no idea where I got the idea that I should ride and bike like a madman for about 20 miles, which in those 20 miles I was biking up about 1500 ft of elevation gain. Today's route was simple, well for me - fucking simple. Climb over 3000 ft in 59 miles. What that means is that I can have an extra in Salida last night, which I did. For other riders 3000 feet in 59 miles is alot since that is what the route was - 59 miles up, with little descents here and there, but just pure climbing.

I did alright, but just a fucking mistake on my part not conserving my strength for Independence Pass Tomorrow. I also aggravated my knee, which has been become a problem over the past few years. I did take some Tylenol right after finishing my ride just after noon. Yet, I think I will need to go to a drug store in Leadville and buy some sort of sport something to relieve the pain. Something perhaps like Mineral Ice, or Icy/Hot.

Basically, I have 18 wicked miles of climbing to the top of Independence Pass Tomorrow. Something that I am not looking forward to. I know the morning is going to be cold and I am going to have to wear my winter gear. It is not going to be warm at the top. My only hope is that the sky is clear and the wind is not blowing too bad.

Sorry, I never got to finish the story of Colin the guy I met at the bar last night. Apparently, Colin is riding the Continental Divide on a full Suspension Mountain bike with a trailer. He started from the south end of New Mexico (super secret, yeah right) and he is heading North to Montana. Colin had some interesting stories to tell me and also he was about 40 miles west of our Ranch near the Continental Divide. So Readers, I am going to ask my parents to see if they saw the guy I met in the bar in Salida. He saw the missionary's church and even the local places in the middle of nowhere.

When I get back to Denver I will upload the picture of the place (bar) that I met Colin at. He did have some very interesting stories and not to mention meeting some very nice people and further yet he encountered the kindness of strangers. I hope I was one. I did offer to buy him a round, but he was there before I showed up and I did not know how much he had to drink before I came along. And from experience having too much to drink before a day's hard riding is tough to handle. Even more so for Colin since he is riding the Continental Divide. Colin said no thanks, but thank you for the company and meeting me. Likewise I said. I think the website that he is "journaling" on is, but I am not sure.


Damn Readers, I have to go my time is up and I typed like I biking earlier today - with a vengeance. Amazing what I can do with the time I am allowed.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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