Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Guns & Roses - The Original Band Member Back - ?!!?!

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Well, boy a lot has happened since my last post.  I did see Star Wars - The Force Awakens... but what drew my attention when I saw the movie twice - The first regular and the second time in 3D was in the Trailers - I hear Guns 'n Roses and we viewers see a black and white footage of concert goers and then that was that.  Of course you faithful followers know that I am a huge Gun 'n' Roses Fan.  I thought perhaps they were going to re-lease a concert film by the original group. 

Anyway, that was my thinking, but from the short clip it could have been anything.  That is until last week/this week - it has been confirmed - the Original Gun Roses are going to headline Coachella - in CA.  Unfucking believeable.  Now, at this time only three original band members have been confirmed - Axl, Slash and Duff are confirmed to the motherfucker - lol  There are a lot rumors and talk so I am not sure what is confirmed or made up at the moment.  There is talk about a stadium tour as well, but I hear that GNR is asking for a huge performance fee.  I don't know money costs of a concert show or what, but that could limit concert shows to big cities.  Could Denver pass on this concert?  I am thinking yes.  Whereas New York probably would not.  Anyway, as I heard and they were labeled in their original days - the most notorious Rock Band.  And as a VH1 Documentary - when the band played either you got the show of your life or didn't.  There was never a just a so-so concert.  I am excited.  Time will only tell what I will do.  Will GNR do a stadium tour?  Will Denver/Concert Promoter pay the fee?  Will the tickets be high?  Bottom line - more than likely I will go if all things line up.  There are already blogs and articles saying that we will not get the same GNR from the past.  True in a sense since there are only 3 of the 5 confirmed original band members as of today.  We are... what over 20 years since their last concert together.  Bad blood, various band, Feuds, substance abuse, etc.  However, with all that said and money I am thinking that we will hear the GNR of the past and we will be treated to probably a concert to be remembered.  Granted, a lot of things have transpired since the break up of GNR.  And a lot of words were said and whatnot - that could come up.  And of course they could go on tour then cancel the tour following the start for any reason.  Like they cancelled that tour date in Canada and I think the concert goers rioted.  So, I got high hopes, but I am not counting anything set in stone.  After all, it is GNR.

"Welcome to the Jungle"  Welcome Back.  Welcome Welcome.

Daryl Charley
The Faithful Guns 'n' Roses Follower

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