Friday, December 04, 2015

Stone Temple Pilots - Scott Weiland

Greetings Readers

I just found out that Scott has died.  I am truly sad.  This singer was someone who helped me, in a manner of speaking, through a rough patch of my life when I was younger.  I know that some people thought he copied Eddie.  But he did not.  Scott was unique.  Sorry Readers, this is hard for me to write since I am listening to my most favorite song - Interstate Love Song. This is my favorite song among many.  I connected to this song while I was on the road - hence interstate.  I am really sad that Scott is gone.  I want to say that he was/is part of my life.   And matter of fact, on a side note - my minecraft friend earlier this year got me back into STP.  I listen to all the CD's and I remembered what I forgot in the early 90's.  Thank you Scott. 

"Leaving..."  Promises.  I am going to dedicate today to STP as well as Velvet Revolver Day.  Scott's lyric's and voice was a lot to me.  as he said "said to you..."  I do not know what else to write at the moment, so forgive me.  I am shocked on what I just read 15 minutes ago.   Scott was troubled, but probably no more than the rest of us.  Please do not forget that- we all have our own personal demons.  How we deal or not deal with them is our burden. 

When Scott covered my other favorite band - Depeche Mode - But not tonight.  It is amazing.  Scott kinda sounds like Dave but Scott's unique voice brought something else to the song which I love.

Thank you Scott

with utmostsincerity

Daryl Charley
The STP fan

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