Wednesday, December 02, 2015

12 Years A Jigsaw Puzzle Slave

Greetings Readers

So, the unavoidable was handled last night.  I had to.  I just had to.  For the past 11 years I have to say maybe I have only worked on this puzzle once, maybe twice.  This 5000 piece puzzle has been the thorn in my foot for 12 years.  I was going along fine as with all my puzzles; however this time I elected to leave the sky and start elsewhere - sorry my memory of actually where I started is non existent to remembering where I started.  I imagine the big and probably my brother did the skyline.  I know that I did the water and that was something.  And then the sky.  That is where I left it - and now a decade later I have two puzzles I have bought for myself and that does not include the four puzzles that I have bought for my brother as well.  Of course the two that I bought are 3000 and 5000 puzzles.  For my brother I bought a 1000, 1500, and 2000 panorama puzzles.  The panorama puzzles are interesting - especially the one that I bought on Amazon that was shipped from England.  That puzzle was the Saint Mark Square of Venice - 2000 pieces.  I love the look as well as the color tones of the puzzle - the gold and black colors make the puzzle look wonderful. 

I digress. So, in order for me to start the puzzle I have to go through my puzzle ritual as well as getting ready to tackle another puzzle of interest.  Yes, if you faithful Readers are still around then yes you know me and my "rituals"  one could say OCD, but I would not label as myself as a "true" OCD, but hell yes I have my things that I have OCD on - example - the toilet paper roll as to put on roll over and not roll under.  I am not going to into other OCD things I have, but I bet I have mentioned them from time to time in this blog.

Anyway, I have puzzle containers and boards that I use when doing a puzzle.  Sure, I use space around the table/work space, but I also have my boards.  I need to have lamps as well since just one light source is not good enough for me.  The lamps also help me examine the puzzle pieces closer for color saturation as well as the shape and edge of the puzzle pieces.

I put the puzzle on the dining room table and saw that the puzzle looks great and I was able to put in a few pieces, but I still have that feeling that I do not want to try to do the sky  I am going to estimate that there is about 1500-2000 pieces left for the sky, but that is only an estimate.  I took a couple of pictures last night and I was impressed what I have done to date.  To date though is what it is - to date.  To date in the past 11 years I have done shit to the puzzle.  Though at least is out and I got a couple of light sources set up, but I know I need a better lamp source and a couple more surfaces for the puzzle pieces as well.  The jigsaw puzzle top is in the background of the picture.  You can good the puzzle and perhaps get a picture as well, but if I remember correctly the pictures that are on the net are not clear - more fuzzy.  Though perhaps that I change that with an update picture as the when I am done there will be a completed picture of this jigsaw puzzle.   By the way, when I was Amazon I saw that this puzzle goes for over $ 100.00 dollars or maybe it was over $ 150.00 dollars.  Which I know back then I did not pay that much, but probably close to a hundred, but again my memory of the price is non existent (though I remember buying from It's Your Move store when there was the the Southglenn Mall, which has been demolished for many years now in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado)  By the way - there is no review as of last week when I looked so when I get done I will write my review, post picture and then move on in peace.

I have made up my mind to do the sky now so I can start the other puzzle(s) that I just bought.  I am just hoping that I can get into my puzzle frame of mind and get those pieces into the puzzle.  Unfortunately, one puzzle piece got damage - an edge - Got sucked up into the vacuum and well it is damaged and the color is gone.  So the surface looks like the back of the puzzle.  At least it is the puzzle border edge and sky (dark blue) so I should be able to do something - a paint or something.  again I will worry when I get the puzzle done.  And I vow to get the puzzle completed before the new year of 2016, even with my Minecraft, fallout 4 and work.  I need to do this for closure as well as getting to start the 3000 piece puzzle.  If my brother is back into puzzles then I know that I can get back into puzzles as well.

Alright - enough for now and wow looking back at this entry I was able to write freely without feeling that I needed to write just for the sakes of writing  

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Jigsaw Puzzle Non-Athlete

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