Monday, January 18, 2010

The Australian Open 2010 - Day 1

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The First Grand Slam of the Decade

Not with a cheer, but a whisper

at the Australian Open.

Let me tell you I do not see this as an upset. Yet, Maria is ranked 14 in the world. Yes, she is known for winning. But.

I have to disagree that this was an upset. It was not an upset. Maria has been "scratchy"...

Ouch Readers, did I not type a while back that I would not use that word. I did not mean to type that specific word since I do not want to promote that word that gets overly used by Mary Carillo.

Maria has not been playing true to form nor in my humble opinion to what her ranking is. Yes, she had a downfall from 1st in the world to a ranking over a 100th in the world. Her shoulder, her serve and well I have to admit she has had some pressure from my words in the past - LOL.

She did have a good year last year coming back to her ranking now. Unforunately, her matches have reached quaterfinals and a couple of semi and finals - if I remember correctly. Matter of fact, she did win a title, but not a Grand Slam. WIth all that said that is why she is ranked 14th.

I do not make it any secret that I do not care for Sharapova - Her young ego, those Powershot(?) (Canon) commericals, her screams on hitting the ball on the tennis court (Matter of fact, I think she has the loudest decimal scream on the tennis court record), her "and ums", and her taking her time to get to line when it is not her serve. Yet, I do like the way she looks and I have to admit she is beautiful in way to me that is attractive. Perhaps because she is an athlete? I do not know.

Anyway, I wanted to say that Readers I was glad that Maria Kirilenko won, but I wonder what the finger to her lips means? Is it not to cheer for Maria being beaten? Or perhaps to indicate not to cheer for Maria on her way out of the Austrailian Open?

By the way Readers, as I was searching for that photo of the finger to the lips since that is what I wanted to show my Readers that was the image of Day 1 at the Australian Open 2010 I ran across this other photo of her. Wow is all I got to say - Oh so my type.

Onto other news - Nadal had a first set scare, but overcame, Clijster, Henin, Murray, Roddick all won this morning (United States Morning) or tomorrow's Australia time. Blake, Isner, Jankovic were delayed to tomorrow due to rain.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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