Tuesday, January 05, 2010

More Pics From the Past Two Months

Greetings Readers

Here is a picture of the Library that is the closest to our ranch that I can access my blog, or the internet for that matter, while I am on vacation at our Ranch. It is about 60 miles away.

Not a bad place at all, but it is the closest for me to use since there is also a Walmart, a Lotaburger, and most of the time a pinon seller that I can buy some Pinons in Grants, New Mexico.

Grants, New Mexico is located off I-40 and is west of Albuquerque and east of Gallup, New Mexico. Actually Grants share it location with Milan, New Mexico and is located on historic route 66.

Grants, New Mexico has a grocery store - Smith's - that more often than not has the best and freshest meat available for buying. I do not know why that is. Also, their prices are reasonable and not "city prices." Could it be perhaps of the poverty level that is located in this part of New Mexico and the store must adjust prices according or risk customers and worse, closing its door? I do not know. Although, as long as the stores in this town can make a profit they have every reason to make necessary adjustments. Otherwise, the stores that have closed their doors have remained empty for years in this town.

Also, this is where my parents have a mailbox. The only place that they can get mail, in a manner of speaking, since no mail service is available where our ranch is. I know, I know sucks to be us.

Not much else I can say about this town.

This other pictures is of two (Koko and no name for the other dog) of the the three of our dogs and one of the two the cats (Michael or Jackson - I can not remember which one it may be) that are on our Ranch. Our cats and dogs get along very well together. All our animals do not fit the norm. Such as cats and dogs not liking each other. We introduced each of these animals to each other when they were young and none of the animal passed own hatred to each other since so they play and walk with each other as if the same animal. Matter of fact, the young calves are very, very scared of the cats. It is funny to see the cats stalk the calves as if the cats are really going to take down that calves. The only time the dogs get growling is when any animal is near their dog dishes. The dogs or cats do not chase the Guineas we have, which by the way Readers, we are only down to four Guineas as of today.

The dogs play with the horses, the Guineas are okay with our dogs and cats, the cows are okay with us. Not Eden close to Eden, but very doable since we do not have to worry about any unnecessary deaths.

P.S. By the way Readers, did you see the ad for the water? I did not mention this, but did you also see how/where the brunette hand is placed? Is it brushing against the blonde's breast? Is it just poised inside her shirt? I do not know.

P.S.S. Oh boy. Me and Lily Kissed the Earth on Sunday. I kissed hard and scraped my left arm up as well as bruised my left leg to be still hurting today. I turned a corner and hit some black ice and went down so fast and unexpected on Lily.

Tomorrow, I will show you Readers the empty ground silos in New Mexico that were emptied during the Reagan years when that nuclear agreement was made to downside the ICBM's stockpiles. I think, it is pretty neat to see - even from more than 20 years ago. What is more amazing...

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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