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Nip / Tuck - The Final Cuts

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The Final Cuts. Readers, I knew that this was coming over a year ago. Unfortunately we faithful watchers are now down to the final cuts of Nip / Tuck. Nine episodes make up the Final Cuts. And Last night was the first of the final nine episodes.

I have blogged about Nip / Tuck and probably most of the characters on the show in the past.

Now, eight episodes to go. I am sadden to see Nip / Tuck ending.

Spoiler Alert - Last night episode - I am going to mention some parts so if you have not seen it then you may want to skip the rest of the blog entry.

I was sort of worried at the beginning of the show since it showed Dr. McNamara swinging a sledgehammer at a Marble wall and then shattering an award. I was worried that Nip / Tuck was going to borrow from Breaking Bad on how they did last season. By showing a bit of the end of the last episode of the season at the beginning of each episode during the season.

I want to be completely surprised and not be teased on what may or may not happened. Like the Soprano's - no hint given on the last episode and boy were we faithful watchers surprised and/or angry.

Back to Nip / Tuck - Last Night episode focuses on Sean and Christian getting an award, a prestigious award. Overall, very good and I think I like the flashback sequences to a young Sean and a young Christian when they were going to school. Those flashback scenes tied in together with the last scene of the episode played out last night. In addition to tieing in they have set up a story line that will I imagine go well, but will show the destruction of... well... I do not want to give you Readers what I think will be destroyed. What I am wondering about is Matt, Julia's mother, the loan Christian took out again the practice without Sean knowing. And I have a feeling that perhaps, just perhaps two characters from the past seasons, brother and sister, may make an appearance. And I am not talking about the Escobar (the drug dealer that was murdered 2 or 3 season ago) and now resides in Sean's memory and comes to light every now and then.

I laughed a bit in the episode last night, but mostly it was serious and I appreciate and glad that Nip / Tuck took that approach.

If there was a crowning moment in last night's episode it would be Christian meeting Sean in the Library and Pat Benatar singing "We Belong" in the background.

"...many times I tried to tell you
many times you cried alone
always I'm surprise on how well
you cut my feeling to the bones..."

and then there is one more line to the stanza, but the key part for me "...I've invested too much time..."

I have invested my time with Nip / Tuck and in a sense Nip / Tuck belongs with me - we belong.

I will go out on the line right now, due to the nature of the show and past season, I think, there is not going to be a happy ending. Meaning, that I think there will not be a final scene with the characters of Nip / Tuck laughing, talking and the camera shooting the table scene. I am not hoping for either, but I think there will be sad ending to Nip / Tuck. I will be content for both since I know either direction is very possible.

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