Monday, February 01, 2010

Has the End of this Blog arrived?

Greetings Readers

I am not sure if I read the news on this blog site (, but from the way that I have interpreted the news was that I will now have to buy a domain (since I have no domain - .com) in order to continue to blogging on blogger due to changes being made.

I am kinda of sad to hear this since I use the relatively easy publishing process. Sure, I had a website 8 years ago and thought that was the bomb. Since I discontinued my Internet service a long time ago I now have to pay for everything that usually comes with packages when you have Internet service.

I have Internet at work as well as the library and over at my friend's humbles abodes.

Why pay when I really do not need service? I made that decision a long time ago and I have to admit that after terminating service I was "lost" and kind of like "Oh my gosh how in the world am I going to live my life without the Internet?", but then I learned to live without. The expense I was giving up (back in the day I was paying either $ 20.00 or 24.99 a month) became my money again. Matter of fact, if I was to base my savings on $ 20.00 - times that by 12 and it comes to $ 240.00 a year. Taking in inflation, broadband (back in the day I was on dial-up) now the thing and much more expensive than dial up I think, Internet over a certain amount bytes which they may either had more money or cut you off I think an average cost these days would probably be $ 500.00, I think?

Sorry Readers, I got off track of the real topic.

This blog site. Again from what I just found out I think that in March my blogging days will be over. Unless I get a domain. I did check a few other blog services and I do see one possibility.

Then, I thought, my blogging for the past year has gone down. I have reasons, but do I really need to give you one? or ten? No. You Readers probably could care less. I know if the roles were reversed I would care less. Kind of like my ignorant bikers I follow... followed. Their blogging I think is over, but that does not stop me from stopping in from time to time to see if there is a new post. Ignorant was used and I did use as a label, but they did learn from their blogging when they did blog. Whether on there own or perhaps by my blogging and/or comments. I do not think of them as Ignorant anymore - they learn a lot as well blogged about biking. More so than myself about biking and I consider myself a hard-core biker.

I have a lot of unposted blog posts, but either they are no good to post, not finished, or I just have not gotten to post. I started blogging and blogged rarely in the beginning. Then, soon I blogged like a mad man thinking that I had to blog to get my blog post numbers high. Now, I am blogging rarely once more.

Is the circle complete? For me? I have not run out of blog topics. I have stuff on sport events. a topic about "Mr. Bent". Serena Williams threatening harm of a line judge at the US Open in New York. My views on Tiger Woods. A graffiti artist gets electrocuted while tagging a Transformer station in New Mexico and how this was sad and you need to feel sad for the guy (but he was tagging therefore it was illegal! A fucking tagging a transformer station - a dumb fuck). The White House Party Crashers. On on a former radio DJ that was on Alice - Jamie White. A "Mr. Dick". a few don't fucking bother me at a bus stop stories (my favorite topic to share with you Readers) and so goes the stories I have yet to share.

I have things to say - often blunt, sometimes rude, yet there are the nice, the generous and the few I got thrown under a bus (metaphorically speaking) stories.

I am in the dark and let me see if I can step up my blogging for this month and entertain you Readers for what could be my final days on

P.S. The picture is of the DTC area this morning looking Northeast from the Greenwood Village Movie Theatre. I am currently riding Tracey since Lily had something go wrong with her about two weeks ago. A nice morning ride to the Light Rail Station. Sorry the picture is not clear - I took of the flash and I can see that I was not holding the camera steady.

"The Beginnig of the End"

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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