Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tiesto at Club Beta

Greetings Readers

Well, well, well, I have to admit - I still fucking know how to dance the night away, hook up, and stay awake for 40 hours plus.

Flashback – Over a month ago I found out that one my favorite artist was coming to Denver. At that time I did not have a clue where that artist was going to be performing at until about three ago.

Tiesto was coming to Denver and was on this tour to promote his new release Kaleidoscope that was recently released in the past month. More specifically Club Beta is where Tiesto was going to be performing live in the beginning part of November.

I was ecstatic with this news. Basically, this was a no-brainer that I was not not going to go.

Yet, about a week ago I found out that tickets were limited and that tickets were $ 60.00 dollars. It is a lot of money, but with Tiesto coming to a Club and not to (“The Can,” the Fillmore, Paramount Theatre, or the Denver Coliseum) I knew that tickets could possibly sell out before the day of show.

Thinking that I changed my thinking. I thought about it is $ 60.00 – hard earned money these days. Also, the weather – I was not going to go if there was snow and/or rain that day. I started to think of reasons that I could use as an excuse not to go.

Monday morning – I went to my financial institution and withdrew some cold hard earned cash. I still was undecided at that point, but I wanted to at least have the money available should I change my mind.

Later that day I was talking about the concert and how I was unsure if I wanted to go. First - $ 60.00 and two – the concert is at a club.

Soon, the “Fred Flintstone” whistle went off and I was still at work an hour later than I should be. I was still unsure of whether or not I should go to Club Beta.

I left work, caught Light Rail, then stopped off the local liquor store to get a six pack of beer just in case.

I was committed not going to Tiesto about 80 percent. However, on the third beer I thought what the fuck. I can go downtown and at least try to see if tickets are still available for the show. Worst case scenario I am out Light rail fare both ways – basically under ten dollars. Justifiable cost considering the cost of the ticket itself. Before leaving my humble abode I drank another bottle as fast as I could – cheaper drinking now should I considering drinking at the Club where the price of one beer is going to the price of a six-pack I just bought.

I soon got to Union station and headed to part of downtown that I Googled Club Beta was located at.

I soon saw a lot of people, young people, at this stone building. I soon found out that this was Club Beta. I could hear the thump thump of the club music playing. That sound was pretty incredible to hear and I know that was not Tiesto, but Tiesto’s opening act; which was no concern to me.

I located security person and asked him

“Is this where Tiesto is playing?

“Yes” he replied.

“Sorry, I have not been here before, where do I go to inquire about tickets being still available?”

“Go up there.”

“Thanks” I replied.

Basically, no line at the entrance. Either most of the people were inside, or these people outside Club Beta were waiting for Tiesto to take the stage or worst - the concert was sold out.

I went up to the counter talked loudly to the girl behind the booth and asked are tickets still available. She nodded yes and said $ 70.00.

I did not hesitate on the ten-dollar increase due to day of show. I was there at Club Beta, tickets were available and I was being drawn to the music that was thumping from the entrance of Club Beta.

I got my ticket, got a wristband (over 21 yrs old) and then got stamped twice on the back of my right hand and soon I was walking into Club Beta.

Readers, I have not been to a Club (Night Club) in ages (you’ll sort of know later). The atmosphere, the people, the music and the ambiance all made me coming down to downtown Denver on Monday well worth this day in November.

I immediately looked for the restroom since the beers I drank at home were going through me. Thank goodness I drank before hand – I was intoxicated and also saving money since I did not have to spend much money on alcohol at the club.

After the restroom break I headed back to club level (1st Floor). Readers, there is a balcony (2nd story), but I wanted to be on street level; specifically the dance floor so I can experience Tiesto as close as I could.

Before finding a spot on the floor I headed to the bar. I ordered a Corona – and was immediately $ 5.00 lighter.

I then started to look for an area on the dance floor that I could claim as “mine.”

The opening act was just finishing up and I soon found myself a spot. Not far, but not near, but so acceptable for me to be in.

I would say there was a few minutes after the opening act finished went Tiesto starting playing his music.

Wow. Fucking wow. The music was loud, but when Tiesto started playing the music went even high. The thump thump got deeper. Matter of fact Readers, I could literally feel the sound wave through out my body. I actually wondered about the damage this decimal of sound was doing to my eardrums and to my internal organs.

Yes Readers, when you get my age you wonder about these types of things. Whereas, and I do remember when I was younger, I could care less about the decimals. Matter of fact, I think it was goal to see how deaf you would be the day after a concert. The good old days – not. As I mentioned the music was loud, I mean loud. What made the damaging decimals worst was that there were four huge speakers (that I could see) that were position in a square on each corner of the dance floor in a building that is really not that big; at all. I really started to think how much hearing loss am I going to suffer for the next couple of hours.

Then, I saw the first girl, young woman that caught my eye. Oh so my type – dirty blonde, slender, pink bra showing from her shirt. Jeans. All those thoughts of what I am doing to my hearing were immediately forgotten. She was so oh my type.

I soon began to notice other hot young woman. But then I started to notice the guys and then I started to notice the people on the dance floor. Everyone looked young. I know I can pass for late 20’s even though I am late 30’s so I know I did not look too out of place, but I sure noticed the age difference of me and the rest of the people on the dance floor.

I think it took me about two songs until I started to get into Tiesto’s music and starting dancing. I soon got swept into the music.

After midnight the music was still pumping and I was still dancing away. I was moving and dancing my way closer and closer to the front where Tiesto was. There was the usual bumping of elbows and bodies on the dance floor between me and other people. You tend to ignore since the dance floor is crowded with people and touching between other people is expected.

Well, at one point I felt a left breast against my left side of the back. Yes Readers, I know when a breast is pressed against my body. I thought nothing of it since there were so many people dancing. Then, I felt the right breast being pressed against the right side of my back. Again, nothing was thought of it – basically I thought that she was probably being pushed and accidentally pressed into my back. A third time, I felt the left breast being pressed into my back and then I felt her hips being pressed/grinded into my ass. At that point I knew that this was no accidental touching. Though, at this point I was hoping that it was woman doing the pressing. Readers, you never know these days. So, I turned around and there was a cute young woman smiling, looking and dancing at me. What a turn on.

I was working up a sweat from dancing and the heat as well as body heat.

Soon, 2 A.M. came around and that was the end of Tiesto. Well, I think, that there is a Colorado law that probably states that a club must shut down at 2 A.M. Tiesto did not want to quit, but we did and we dancers did not want him to quit either.

That November Monday night, in my ex-coworkers words, was “just so awesome”. I am glad that I made the decision to go to Tiesto. After all, I would have never thought any more of Tiesto than I do now. Seeing him in such an intimate setting was a treat. There was not the usual concert sound set-up. I think that is what made the difference. And I would not have met Katie… or should I say that Katie would have not met me.

I got to my humble abode around 6 A.M. and as I walked in the door I smelled something different. I did not smell/reek of cigarette smoke? Wow. That is how long that I have not been to a club since smoking was banned here in Colorado in establishments. Now my clothes and I only smelled of sweat and sex in the past six hours, which I soon only had a limited amount of time to get cleaned up and get to work. How in the fuck was I going to work at work being up all night? Back in my youth I know I could this, but now I am so much older and these types of nights are hard now. There was no thought of calling in a PTO day, but just make it through the day and then get home and go directly to bed.

Listening to Tiesto’s music on my Ipod now I have a better understanding of what I am hearing now is nowhere close to hearing Tiesto performing these same songs live.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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