Saturday, November 07, 2009

"Force Flex"

Greetings Readers

Consumers – are we that gullible?

Last month I had commented on the “Cold Mountains” activator.

This month – “Force Flex Trash Bags”

I remember the commercial with a piano being pulled up to an apartment many stories high by two piano movers. All of a sudden the piano gets dropped and falls to the ground and eventually breaks into many pieces. The movers then pick up the pieces of the piano and stuff the broken pieces into the force flex trash bag. Where we consumers view the piano’s jagged pieces stretch the force flex bag, but never rips through the bag.

Now, there is a new commercial for the “force flex trash bags”

The lady in the commercial is throwing away food into the trash can (with the ordinary trash white bag.)

There is the first thing that is wrong – no woman that I know throws food away into the trashcan. All the women that I know use the garbage disposable. Period. There is also every three months “Oh, I got call my plumber.”

“Why?” I ask.

“The Garbage disposable is not working.”

“How did that happen?” I reply.

“Disposing of food – what else.” And I get the “why do you think” look.

Readers, I am sure that at least most of you will agree with that women will use the garbage disposal for grinding up food as opposed to throwing it away. However a man will throw away food into the trashcan without a second thought (unless we have a dog). And then we hear-

“You know you could have fed a whole village in Africa”

I digress.

As I stated the woman in the commercial throws away food in the garbage can and sure enough she throws the plate of food away with one hand about 5 inches in the air from the trashcan and into what can be assumed is a brand new trash bag. The other hand is nowhere to be seen.

Any consumer, and human consumer, knows to hold onto the trash bag with one hand while throwing away food with the other hand when throwing away anything into a brand new trash bag. Otherwise, if you do not then sure as shit the trash bag will collapse on itself and the bag will not be around the rim of the trashcan, but in a heap at the bottom of the trash can. Common knowledge to anyone throwing away food or anything else for that matter.

That is why we consumers just deal with it when the trash bag is new, or why we tie a knot on the excess trash bag so the bag will not slide into the trash can when throwing away trash.

However, we consumers are being lead to believe that “Force flex trash bags” are here to fix that problem of the trash bag not staying up on the trash can rim without holding onto the trashcan.

Note: some consumers have the trash cans with that plastic lid on top which actually secures the trash bag from falling into the trash can so the “force flex trash bag” is irrelevant to the bag collapsing at the bottom of the trashcan Readers.

Readers – don’t be suckers, your ordinary trash bag will be okay. As long as you use common sense that ordinary trash bag is just as good as the “force flex trash bag.” Hold onto the trash bag when first dumping trash into a new trash bag and two you are never going to put a broken piano into a trash bag.

I do not know how much more the “Force Flex Trash Bags” cost, but the next time I go to the store and remember I will get the price and compare that to the price of my ordinary trash bags. Oh by the way, I just went to the website and it appears that you can download a coupon for a dollar off so that is telling me that Force Flex Trash Bags must be expensive.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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