Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Greetings Readers

Since becoming a Fat Tire drinker last year I see that there was a new brand type for me to try this year under Fat Tire.

Just as you can see the word – “Hop” in Hoptober I was actually excited to try this selection of beer from Fat Tire. I love the smell of hops, as well as the taste of hops.

Basically, in one word I thoroughly found the beer “delectable.”

“Delectable” – I do not think that I have ever shared this word with you Readers. The people that know me in person know that I am picky. Real picky.

If I think some food does not look good; 99.5 percent of the time I am not going to try that food. That’s stupid. That’s dumb. What a jackass. And so on. I have heard them all, but I am and will continue to stick to what I believe in.

Let me put this in another way. If I try something for the first time and I do not like the taste, the texture or even the smell I will spit that piece of food I ate right out. I have no reason to pretend to like that piece of food nor am I going to subject myself to misery trying to eat that bite I took.

Readers, I know there are a lot of delicious foods out there awaiting for me to taste, but I am okay without ever, I mean EVER, knowing what that taste may be. I have not lost sleep over a piece of food I have not wanted to try. I have not screamed myself awake from a terrible nightmare of what that food may taste like. I still sleep like a baby when I do not taste something I have never tasted before.

Getting back to the word “Delectable.” Should I ever try something for the first time out of curiosity; and not because of pressure and come to find out that I love that food – that gets the “delectable” label and soon word gets around like that old TV commercial for Life cereal “He likes it. Mikey likes it.”

Now, that is sort of an on going joke and whether or not I find something “delectable” to eat.

That food may be homemade, that food may be store bought, that food may be unique, and that food may be your best recipe, but if I do not like the way that food smells and/or looks I am not going to try. I am okay with that. That food could be free, but I still would not have a bite even if it were free to everyone.

Also, I eat and cook what I want to eat. I have basically not settled for something that I did not want to eat. That is not counting for when I was saving to buy those carbon road wheels the past two years. I still ate Uncle Ben’s white rice for 30 days as opposed to buying a cheap brand of rice and not being happy about the other brand of rice. Also, I think I have mentioned in the past I have not bought a cheaper brand of beer in the past year during this 21st century recession. I would and will continue to buy what I like and will not settle for something cheaper.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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