Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trashy or Frugal - Bike Shorts

Greetings Readers

Alright, as you can see from the picture you can partially see some of my ass through my heavily worn out bike shorts that I purchased last year.

It has been some time that I have posted a picture of my ass so I thought I better please a few of my Readers. Of course, the rest of you Readers can roll your eyes in the “I can not believe that he yet posted another picture of his ass, which is not that great anyway, but then again I can believe Mr. Charley would post another picture of his ass.”

That is not the subject of this post – my ass; or there lack of an ass.

To me those particular pair of bike shorts are still salvageable. Well, meaning I still can wear them without, I think, getting a ticket for indecent exposure. I have worn them a few times this year, but not much due to the holes in that part of the shorts. And I took that picture sort of bending over while standing up. Imagine that, well not imagine that, but imagine if I was on my bike, which my ass would be more visible especially if was biking out of the saddle. Those holes would be stretched even further show more of my so call beautiful ass that has been whistled at from time to time.

I did buy two new bike shorts this year so I have been wearing those new bike shorts.

Anyway, with Fall here I have had to wear my snug long leg bike shorts every now and then in the morning while going to work due to the low temperature in the early mornings. Or running errands if the day was cold enough to warrant the wearing of long leg bike pants.

However, I do not like just to wear those snug long legged bike shorts alone since they tend to show every outline on my lower half of the body. The shape of my calves as well as the shape of my thighs, but even more so some of the shape of my “package.” Granted, there is some shrinkage due to the coldness of the morning I still can see the outline my package in my snug long biking pants. I am self-conscious believe it or not.

To rectify this issue, I usually wear a pair of biking shorts over my snug long biking pants to conceal that part of my anatomy. With that being said I usually wear bike shorts that I cannot normally wear due to being so worn out and me unable to wear without the fear of indecent exposure.

Now, the question is. By me doing that - is that too trashy? Am I being too frugal? Am I being a C.B. (Cheap Bastard)? Or something else?

In my view, I am utilizing the use of my purchase of those bike shorts a bit longer. Granted, there are holes in them. Yet, those holes, which normally would show my bare ass (ets) are now being covered up by snug long biking pants underneath. In essence, the worn out bike shorts are just there, even though you can tell them they have seen there last days up Mother Earth.

On of my friends said I should wear that worn out bike shorts underneath my long biking pants. However, I cannot. What my friend pointed out was that even though I am covering up a certain part of my anatomy from certain eyes, I am also covering up to keep warm in that part of the body. After all, I am okay with my thighs and calves being real cold. I am not comfortable with being cold from my crotch up to waist. So, wearing the bike shorts underneath my snug long pants due two things. 1. Keep me warm in that area. And 2. I am not showing the world my well worn out bike shorts.

I agree, but then I have to remark that I have a certain image to uphold. At this point my friend remarks – a poor bike rider?! I respond no – that I am a hard-core bike rider and those worn out bike shorts support my hard-core image.

Needless to say, he would not bend from his view of this subject nor would I bend from my view on how I view myself. I cannot agree with him nor disagree with him. We are both right and we are both wrong.

In the end and as of writing this post I am going to continue that pair of worn out bike shorts throughout winter over my snug long biking pants when needed. Perhaps, one more this Fall and Winter I am going to wear those well worn out bike shorts just because I can. Not out of spite mind you – just because I am okay with wearing those worn out biking shorts without a second thought.

P.S. I just included a frontal shot of the same bike shorts. Not too bad - just a couple of holes on the right thigh, but otherwise very wearable looking from the front. This picture was just a model shot so you Readers do not need to point out the obvious skewed bike shorts I took a picture of.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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