Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jack Daniel's Birthday

Greetings Readers

Jack’s Birthday. Jack who?

Jack Daniel’s Birthday.

September – According to history, although I have not researched this history, no one know exactly when Jack Daniel’s birthday is, except in the month of September. This is apparently due to a courthouse fire that destroyed all records on file in that courthouse fire.

With that said, I saw in the seasonal section of the Liquor store the Jack Daniel’s Birthday Gift Box.

Now, here was the bad part. In the birthday box there was three random possibilities of what may be in the gift box.

You could get limited edition Jack Daniel coasters (set of 4). Or you get a Limited edition Jack Daniel’s shaker. Or you could get a limited edition Jack Daniel’s pint glass.

When I saw the possible gift I could get - I wanted the glass. Period.

Readers, in addition to the gift was the small bottle of Jack Daniel’s – the 750 ml bottle. I was not worried about the size or quality of the Jack Daniel’s, except the birthday gift.

Shallow perhaps, but if you faithful Readers know I am an avid Jack Daniel’s collector as well as drinker.

When I see an interesting Jack Daniel’s item I will try to get.

So, with the help of an employee of the liquor store we were able to get me the glass by checking the boxes that were on the shelf. I did not want to do this alone since it may appear that I was doing I should not be doing. After all, the liquor store provided a chart on how to get what you wanted in the “gift box” without opening the box. Or buying box after box to get what you want.

When I got home, I was rewarded with two, yes two, limited edition Jack Daniel’s pint glasses. I was happy. Well, more than happy. I am now able to display one glass in my Jack Daniel’s collection and then use the other pint glass at work (as well as display.)

Pretty fucking cool that I got an extra glass in the limited edition Jack Daniel’s Birthday Gift box.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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