Thursday, September 03, 2009

2009 US Open Items Purchased

Greetings Readers

As per my usual custom – I have ordered this year’s US Open men’s towel. In addition to the towel I decided to order a new US Open backpack. And my friend also ordered her woman’s towel which she has been doing for the past three years.

I am currently using the backpack I bought a few years ago, but I figure what the hell and ordered a new backpack from the US Open store. New colors and new design.

The towel is beautiful and this time they made the towel bigger, just a bit. They also got rid a few of the colors so now there are just fours colors – red, blue, dark blue and white. (I know Readers; white is not a color)

Oh in case any of you Readers are wondering I did buy one additional towel for my parents. That too is a custom I have started four years ago when I got an extra towel with my order.

I have yet to give it to them, but will do so the next time I visit the Ranch.

Now, the backpack. I do like the backpack, but to me it seems that the backpack is just a bit smaller that the first backpack I bought a few years ago.

I have worn the backpack a couple of times to work, but I have not fully committed to using the new backpack – for anything. I have the backpack in my room hanging on a chair with its tags still on the backpack.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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