Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A Celebration Gift For A Big Occasion

Greetings Readers

I do not talk about where I work - only in Finance & Accounting.  Anyway, I just want to say that I, along with the rest of the people I currently work with were acquired by another company.  As of Last Friday, I got to celebrate in a manner of speaking.  And it is a god send that the ex is an ex since I am... well it is what Dave Chappelle (or was it another character?) is practically famous for a line on the Chappelle Show - "I'm ##ch ###ch!"  Which by the way thank goodness there is only one celebration instead of two this time of the year.  Yes, the ex had a birthday last week (and you know what I actually forgot what day it was-wow) and this year I have no responsibility of taking the ex out.  Last year we went to Las Brisas and I also got the ex a DVD player and the year before we went to 3 Maragaritas (and that was on a limited budget).  So, woo hoo one celebration for me this year.

I saw that the local liquor store that I go to... well used to go to regularly before starting the P90X program, had the Skull vodka on sale - basically 82.99 for 1.75.  That is an awesome deal since usually 1.75 is basically 100 dollars.  What even made this deal more sweet was that they had the gift set that I bought last year.  The gift set is 2 Martini Skull glasses with the 1.75.  So, when I saw that this was the same exact gift set I was excited.  I was kind of worried about getting them home safely, but knew I could do it.  And needless to say after some careful, slow and all sidewalks home riding the bike I did make the journey without incident.  The two newest ones are in the front and the two in back are the ones I got last year/

I did take a picture with all four skull martini glasses - in the immortal words of my ex-co-worker - awesome.  And of course placed the Skull vodka in the middle with the glasses.  Yes Readers, I did open that Vodka bottle to taste some of the best Vodka ever produced, in my humble opinion.

However, to recap last week.  I almost got sick.  So close.  Sore throat, cold, tired, lost voice and not feeling well.  When I felt that I was getting sick and I think I blogged about this.  I went to Sprouts and got Orange and Grapefruit Juice (The Simply Brand)  I bought four of them in the course of three days.  I also ate normally in a manner of speaking.  Not sticking to the P90X program.  I also had two sprites at work (16 oz) as well as water to keep my body full of liquids.  I bought some sirloin steaks on Friday so I had been having that all weekend.  And this weekend I slept and rested.  And I think that did the trip. And I did take one Nyquil capsule on Thursday night.

And to repeat I have not been doing the P90X program due to being in that condition.  Tonight though I am planning to get back on to the program.  I think I am ok now.

I did go to the store last night and got another 2.5 gallon of Deep Rock Water and some salad materials and chicken. 

Well, the weather has changed in Colorado in the past week.  I guess in the mornings it is now about 30 degrees when I leave the humble abode.  The days are now about 60 degrees - roughly.  The outlook this week ahead is barely at 60.  And of course the Daylight Savings Time ended so now it is getting dark right about 5 (little after of course)  What all this means is that I have to now wear my reflective riding vest, dress warmer and ride carefully on the sidewalks going home.  I do not have lights on my bike, yet.  Though I should be getting them this weekend or at least replace the batteries on the ones that still work.  Sometimes the winter and spring showers damage the lights I have so I have to buy new ones each year.

Update: that Halloween competition on that server I play on was cancelled.  Just as well I could not find a place to region a good size land.  I had the idea and that was cool.  Now, I saw that there is a winter competition and I have since then found a place of land (150 x 150 blocks)  I am in the process of putting up walls to surround the area so when I build no one can interfere.

Also, today I went on a bender on food-  For breakfast I had a Denver Omelet with 3 pieces of toast and for lunch I had spaghetti with meatballs, salad and garlic toast.   I needed to, I wasn't feeling quite right so I decided to get some "other" food into me.  And a fountain drink of Coca-Cola.  Again tastes funny, but it is alright now after finishing my lunch.  And my weight this morning is about 141.  I got back up to 143 a few days ago.  I took a another picture in another pair of jeans that I could hardly fit into about three weeks ago.  As of this morning I can fit into them, but with just a bit spare tire in the stomach and sides.  And as I have said before I just wish I took before pictures with me in each of these jeans I am now getting back into as well as not being able to keep them up anymore.  Anyway, for me this pair of jeans that now fit almost perfectly this is great results and showing the results of me following and doing the P90X program.  I forgot that I had button fly jeans until I put this on this morning.  Most of my jeans are zippers.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete ready to re-join program now

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