Tuesday, March 06, 2012

First Run to Work for 2012

Greetings Readers

Today was the first day this year that I made myself run to work. I have been planning this for a few weeks now, but I got sick about two weeks with a cold. Well, I got sick, but not fully sick so I postponed til I got better.

It was amazing that I had to shut down my body, to rest and drink and eat properly. Meaning, taking in healthy food, but also having won ton soup from two different Chinese restaurants. That was not a problem for me. I know that won ton soups is tremendous on helping me fight a cold.

What I liked but did not like was spending money on Orange Juice and Grapefruit juice - That shit is expensive. Needless to say I did and thank goodness they were on sale otherwise I would be paying about one dollar more.

So, with the start of this week I feel about 90 to 95 percent well. That said I made it point to start my first run to work. Perhaps I was looking for an excuse, but I really could not come up with one.

Lo and behold the morning came around and there I was lying on the floor. It was going to be a nice day and the air was just right for drinking... oops just kidding. The air was just right for running.

The alarm clock came on as she does every morning. Yet, this time I knew what was planned and I was already starting to plan. Planning on finding some excuse not to run. It was not a cold morning really. It was sunny and there was no excuse not to run this morning to work.

Well, the number one excuse would be is that my run to work is going to be about 6 miles and when I get off work tonight I am going to have to run another six miles to get home. And with me not running for a bit now I never know how my legs will react to running this many miles after so long for not running at all. Sometimes, everything goes great; other times I over do my body limit's and walking and standing hurts due to over working my muscles in my thighs and calves.

Anyway, I got the kitchen timer also this morning and started the countdown for 15 minutes. Soon, an hour past by and I was no closer from getting out the door. But, I was no closer to getting on the bike either. That was a good thing. I did not even think about getting on public transportation either.

Soon, zero hour came and I knew there was point I had to get moving or else I would be getting to work late.

I got up and soon I was packing a small backpack with only my work clothes, getting my winter running gear on and getting ready to leave the humble abode.

The first mile was tough in a manner of speaking due to not running for a long time. Yet, I found my pace and mantra with the tunes from my Ipod. I found my running mode.

It was hidden, but not too deep for me to find. I just had to re-discover where it was. Soon, the miles clicked off and then I got near work.

And that was when I found... er smelled... what I love to smell in the morning even though I do not drink. Starbucks Coffee. The wind was blowing the aroma of Starbucks coffee where I was running and that was the most wonderful smell at that moment. Lucky me. I think I smelled the aroma from about 1/2 mile away. Wow. What did that was also the cause why my running slowed down. I was running into the wind as well as running uphill. My speed dropped drastically, but I was not worried about it. I knew I was running at the pace I was at for the reasons of the environment conditions.

Anyway, five hours later - I feel good and the legs are doing okay. I felt a tinge of my calves tightening a bit; perhaps wanting to cramp.

You may wondering, perhaps not, but I did this run since I am planning to start the P90X once more. I want to work off some stomach fat which I do have. But I want to start again. Nothing more or nothing less. Well, I want to start again since apparently there is now a P90X 2. And before I attempt to try that program I want to re-introduce myself to P90X since I know that program can, and will, kick my ass overall. Not funny, but funny since it does work.

Alright Readers, just thought to let you know, read, about my first run of the year as well as my first run to work. The time kinda sucks - 1:20:15.65 - for me from what I can remember, but can not remember. So, I am going to have to look for old calendars and see what times I did log for a run to work. I want to say I was, at my best, averaging 50 minutes - running to work. Remember, a run to work best - not an overall best time by no means.

I say I feel good, but the worst is yet to come when I wake up tomorrow morning. I will have delayed body shock to 12 miles of running in one day after months of not running a mile at all. I bet that I am going to be in some difficultly tomorrow.

Yet, what they say is true - No Pain, No Gain.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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