Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Return to the Road Bike

Greetings Readers

Today I am back on the bike after two days of running - granted I was suppose to run today also, but due to what needed to be done at work early this morning I had to bike in.

I have to admit I was looking forward to this morning. I got the bike ready last night.

The run home last night was 30 degrees colder from the previous night. I will admit it was nice. I was not working up a sweat, in a manner of speaking, and I actually felt comfortable running last night. I did have to change Oakley sunglass lens due to the filtration of light into my eyes. I had to use a less dark of a lens. I wanted my eyes to be hidden so that no one can see my eyes. I do have a clear and orange heighten lens, but I did not want to use those two lens.

I was a bit cold when I started running last night, but after the warm up I was okay. Oh, the smell of food last night was... in the words of my ex-co-worker "awesome" I smelled some good Chinese food (as opposed to awful, cheap or just bad Chinese food smell) aroma from a restaurant I passed on the way home. Then, I smelled good hamburgers and I think that was about it. There are only a few restaurants on the way home after that it is trails and the communities that I run (bike) through to and from work.

Back to this morning - the bike into work was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. The Achilles tendon was a hurtin when pedalling. And of course, I am sure that is due to the 24 miles that I have ran in the past two days.

Well.... Since I road in this morning I had to get the mileage of my run in on the running route I have carved out to and from work. I estimated 6 miles, but actually thought it was a bit longer. However, after I got to work I looked at the mileage and the mileage was 5.94 miles. Un-fucking-believable. I know where I can get the .06 mileage, but that means I will have to add a bit more to my run, which mind you is not in a straight line nor the shortest route home. I actually have to run around a dam as opposed to just climbing (running) up and down. I also have to stick to the path as opposed to crossing a park, a baseball diamond, a swatch of grass, etc. I mean I could, but then that would mean I would not know what the mileage adjustment would be and also would be shorter than the 5.94 miles I know for a fact.

For the record

Day 1

Home to work - 1:20.10
Work to home - 1:11.34

Day 2

Home to Work - 1:21.10
Work to Home - 1:12.57

In actuality, I only ran 23.76 miles in the past two days. I lost 3 pounds, could even be more, but I have been eating rice (Uncle Ben's) to replenish my Carbs I have been burning, in the past two days. I did switch to Chicken so that helped out on less fat in consumption.

Tomorrow, Friday, I had already designated my bike day so I will be riding to work tomorrow. I also have to run some errands after work (perhaps at lunch) so I need to be mobile. As much as I planned not to run this weekend I may have to run since I could not run today.

Which brings me to the Runnin' of the Green. Yes, it is that time of the year - and again I will not be running once more. I just started running again, my thighs are tender (sore) and I would feel that paying 40.00 dollars plus is not worth it for me. I know my legs would be still recovering and getting a good time is out of the question and furthermore I do not want to have an awful time officially recorded for a first running event of 2012 for this coming Sunday.

Also, the weekend is Daylight Saving Time. Which by the way Readers - I got to know a Colombian last year and apparently she does not have Daylight Savings Time in Columbia so she hates this. I just found out since I asked her how does it feel to lose an hour this weekend and she replied "What?" And that was when she said she did not know... well forgot since she is not used to DST change.

Anyway, we Colorado residents are going to have good weather for a bit - I saw the weather this morning and by Monday we may hit 68 degrees - not bad for the month known as the snowest for Colorado in history.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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