Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Morning Mishap

Greetings Readers


It has been a while since I have made breakfast… well going all out on breakfast. Granted, it is just me, but every now and then I will cook like I am cooking for a family of four.

I was missing some ingredients so I had to go to King Soopers to pick up some of the breakfast materials. I was getting this and that. Bread, Cheese, Coca-Cola, onion and then some breakfast sausage.

Soon, I was home. I was motivated, but not motivated. So, even then it took another 15 minutes for me to actually get started cooking.

I peeled and cut the potatoes, diced the onions grated some cheese prior to actually cooking.

After channel flipping for a bit I honestly have to say there was shit on TV Sunday morning. Nothing. I actually had to do On Demand. So, I picked some Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes to watch. Readers, that is another blog post, but this show was the very first time I saw this year. I have to admit that I was entertained and have to admit that some of the things Larry gets into are things that happen to me. Getting back to the story.

The pans were getting warmed up so I started cutting the sausage, cracking the egg shells so I can whip them up for scrambled eggs.

Fast forward – all done, except the toast. While the toast was toasting I put the final touches on my breakfast. The toasts pops up, I butter and then wait another 30 seconds.

I grabbed the buttered toast and then put some of my breakfast in the toast and took a big bite.

What the Fuck?

Fuck me. I picked up the wrong sausage. Un-fucking-believe-able.

I know I picked up the sausage I wanted from where I usually pick it up while shopping.

Somehow, I fucked up.

Fast forward to right now. If you were you and this just happen to you what would you do? I am pissed. BUT. I have no one to blame. It was my fault.

In addition, I opened and cooked about ¼ of the package. With that said – am I allowed to go back to the store and say I picked up the wrong package? Even though I did eat some? I do not want to eat the sausage since it is not the kind I eat.

It is not an issue, but it is an issue. I paid about 4 dollars and I simply can not throw this away. Again, it is my fault. I know I did not look at the package. I just picked up the package from the same place I always pick the sausage I eat. Anyway, I do shop there a lot so I really can not do what I want to do. I am going to have say nothing and just eat the rest – sucks to be me.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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