Thursday, November 03, 2011

"Send a HELLO"

Greetings Readers

This past Spring at the Post Office I saw the release poster for all stamps... well perhaps commemorative stamps being released and I saw one stamp that I had to have.

It was the Pixar stamps and two of the stamps that are featured on the sheet caught my eye immediately.

Up and Wall-E. Toy Story followed next. The other two I could care less about.

Anyway -

Send a Hello

Think of your delight when you find a letter, greeting card, or package waiting in your mailbox. It puts a shine on the rest of the day - even before you've opened it. Despite all the ways that we communicate with friends and family today, there still nothing personal as knowing that someone took time to choose a card... write a letter... wrap a package... and even choose a special stamp simply to "Send a Hello."

After all, "hello" may be a simple, everyday word, but it can mean so many things. We can "Send a Hello" as a cheerful greetings between friends, like Lightning and Mater in Cars. "Hello" can mean "I'm hear to help!" like Remy to Linguini in Ratatouille. It can be a tender message of welcome to a new little someone who fills our hearts with wonder, like Wall-E and his miraculous plant in Wall-E.

Sometimes "hello" can tell someone we admire that they're our hero, like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, or the simple word can express the love and affection we feel for one another - like Dug and Carl in Up. For more than 25 years, Disney-Pixar storytellers have given us characters who have shown us the wonder of friendship and family. Now they help you communicate that way you care each time you receive or "Send a Hello." Has the mail come yet?

And that Readers is what's printed on the back of the stamp sheet.

To me - Dug, Karl and Wall-E meant/mean something to me due to their character in the movie they were in. Perhaps I will discuss that in a future post. Nothing earth shattering mind you, but something to share.

I do not think that I have shared with you Readers that I do collect stamps - that I like. Anyway, I do and perhaps I need to post some of the stamps that I have collected since the mid 90's.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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