Friday, February 05, 2010

Samuel Adams

Greetings Readers

I was watching TV the other day and I was trying to unwind from the day's routine.

So, again there I was watching another commercial and this time a Samuel Adams commercial caught my eye this time around.

I am not a fan of that beer. No, I do not know why I do not care for that beer.

Anyway, I hear the unseen voice say that Samuel Adams has dark colored bottles to keep out the light (sunlight supposedly since the scene showed the beer bottle out in the open.)

And to top that off - the six packs box almost have the bottle holders to the top of the bottle. Almost maximum effect to block out the light.


Interesting that the beer maker is pointing that out to us consumers.

Now, Most of the liquor stores that I have been into the beer coolers are located in the back of the store - basically away from the front windows of the store.

Though, if the store windows were not covered in advertising or ads advertising price specials. Which, at that point, there is not any direct sunlight entering the store.

In addition, I doubt that a Samuel Adams 6 pack will hardly be exposed to sunlight/light long enough for the beer to be "tarnished," if you will. Since the beer is well known and drunk-rotation of six packs in the cooler is probably daily. I doubt that a 6 pack of Samuel Adams in the front of the beer cooler will be there for more than a day. Unless, at a local strip mall liquor store. Where those liquor store cater to local residents and convenience.

Once that 6 pack of beer is in your hands/car, mostly likely that beer will be drunk within the week. Now, if there is a long delivery process of beer from the Samuel Adams beer plant to the liquor stores, then there is a problem right off the bat with "tarnished" beer and being exposed to light.

I am not buying beer as of today for the cardboard 6 pack box that may cover the entire bottle of beers in the 6 pack. I am definitely not buying a bottle of beer for the sakes of a dark brown bottle. If my beer bottle is brown - so be it. If clear - so be it. I highly doubt that I am going to have a brown bottle or clear bottle of beer very long in my refrigerator to worry about light damage to the beer.

I am still going to buy the "common" 6 pack holder of beer and never think twice while looking for a beer to drink if I have to find myself in front of the beer cooler looking for a new beer to try. Matter of fact, if I could not see the bottle most likely I am not going to get that 6 pack a second look.

I look at the packaging and see what type of beer is being packaged/offered - Ale, Pale Ale, Hop, Flavored, Stout, etc. I am not making my decision on the packaging on what beer to try. And since I frequent a large liquor store I know that 6 pack of beer in front of the cooler has been recently moved to the front of the cooler due to presentation and rotation of beer being sold.

And that Readers was just something I thought to blog about. Oh, I don't hate Samuel Adams, but I do not drink that beer.

I find it funny that probably 80 to 90% of the beers that I drink do not advertise on TV. You see I do not need advertising to influence what I drink. Matter of fact, my beer that I choose to drink are from me trying a new beer or on a recommendation from someone.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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