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Rock in Roll Inductee - Guns N Roses

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The Final Rock in Rock Inductees were named. There was/is a list and you can go and find out yourself if you want to know all of the nominations - go Google.

However, there were only a few I cared about and only really I wanted to see two to make it into the Hall of Fame that I personally wanted to see. Granted, there were a couple more, but I had to think logically which ones that had a chance and ones that I almost knew were going to get in.

Guns 'n' Roses

I will have to admit that in the beginning I was not a Gun's n Roses fan. Not at all. I think it was that song Sweet Child o Mine. I was in Junior High, I think, when Guns in Roses came onto the scene. That Bandanna wrapped (Blue I remember) around Axl's head in such a way that only Axl can pull it off. Then, when MTV played music videos I remember seeing Sweet Child o Mine and seeing Axl do that move with his body. He sways his body from side to side in a big motion. Again, only Axl could pull that move off. Often imitated, but never could be done as Axl does.

I remember a couple of student, girls in school would dress up as Axel. Funny, but not funny. Funny were the Goths, but lets save that for another time. I remember the posters of the Guns and Roses being on the room walls of my friends. Needless to say I did not join onto the band wagon right then.

Then, it happened - I heard Paradise City. And then I saw the music video. Something about that song got my attention. the guitar riff, then the beat of the drums, then Axl starting to sing.

"Take me down to the Paradise City..."

What an intro as well as lyrics to being with I thought; as well still think as I write this today.

From that point on I have been a fan. Of course, I bought Chinese Democracy and it is not nothing like vintage Guns n Roses. Not at all. And Axl's voice is there, but not there.

In between Appetite for Destruction and Chinese Democracy I have gotten most of their albums - save for a collections and perhaps... what was it String Cheese Incident? Sorry Readers, I do not have time to check Google. Anyway, that album did not interest me or ???? I have forgotten.

Anyway, Guns n Roses. A band that was high and now loss. A rift between Axl and his former original members - minus one or two due to death. I even saw the VH1 special made on them. Wow. Yet, even though it was wow - it was not something unexpected nor would never expected. Guns was Guns. Yet, what was interesting is that either Axl showed up and gave concert goers a concert to remember for a lifetime or he showed up and did not perform at all. That was true. Even said that - Axl was known not for showing up on time and even started a riot in Canada (not literally started himself) for not showing up for a concert. People rioted.

Anyway, the last time I think I saw Guns n Roses play was when Axl showed up for an MTV show with new band members in Guns N Roses. It was weird and even seeing that guy "bucket head" supposedly to be Slash. I still can not figure that one out. Anyway, that was the last time and I was not impressed. I think Axl did that just to kind of stick it to his former band members. Though that is just a guess.

Mind you, I don't hate Guns N Roses now, but it will never be what it was in the beginning. Yes, I bought Chinese Democracy since it was the new album in such a long time. I have the album in my Ipod but the listening to the album is so rare.

I even found out two weeks ago that Guns N Roses is coming to Denver and they will be playing the 1st Bank center on 12/11/11. I kind of toyed with the idea of going, but not really. I do not know what to expect and I really do not know anything after Chinese Democracy nor have followed Axl's journey.

Anyway, so I saw on the list was Guns N Roses for the Rock in Roll Hall of Fame. Even without knowing who else was on the list I was 99% sure that Guns was going in. They paved the wave for... you know I am not sure, but I have this radio commercial saved on a cassette tape and this is what I remember and what I associate to the original Guns N Roses....

"They are the Most Notorious Rock band..."

Notorious, I think, sums up Guns N Roses.

Guns N Roses had hits as well as Bombs. Yet, something about the band makes them a place in history.

And I have been waiting and waiting for the final nominations to be made and they were on 12/07/11. Should I wonder if the remaining original band members will get together for the Hall of Fame concert? I don't know Readers. It may be best not to revisit this past Band.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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