Friday, December 09, 2011

Rock in Roll Inductee - Beastie Boys

Greetings Readers

This was the second hopeful that I was hoping for to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I know they were nominated before and did not make it, but I do not remember who their competition was for that year(s).

In any way whatsoever I am not insinuating that Beastie Boys were a shoo in with the other list of nominees, but in my opinion I knew their chances this time around was excellent.

Second day in a row that I have to admit something that I do not want to, but tis the truth.

I was not a Beastie Boys fan from the start.

I think that the first time that I heard them was "that" song. "... Fight for your Right to Party." I also remember seeing that music video around the clock on Mtv.

With the song title, again my opinion, it just was not. I am unsure how to say what I want to say. And then the video - Ok I guess, but the "Boys" looking at the camera and singing "... Fight..." That did not resonate with me for some reason.

Time passed and then one day I was a fan of Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock. Oh yes Readers, by that time I knew their names and really did not refer to them as "Beastie Boys" Of course, it helps me, the listener, to hear them say their names in their songs from time to time. ha-hah.

Something about how they sing, their voices and their tunes finally caught my ears. Even though I still did not care for the Anthem of "...Fight for Your..." I was coming to like what they really have done.

Looking back from today they have matured as a band and also kept together after so long. Their music has evolved and they have ventured into new ground through the years.

I have not followed them closely as I should be, but I do follow up later to check out their album(s).

I know they have been political, or still could be, in the past - but that has not deterred me from not listening to them. Granted, I have not even paid attention so you see that was not even a concern in my head

Whether it be Intergalactic, Brass Monkey, So Whatcha Want, 5-Piece Chicken Dinner - I do like what they have published. Interesting.

The last two albums are still a mystery to me, but when I do get around to I am sure it will be well worth the wait.

Do they deserve the induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Of course. Their albums throughout the years have shown that musically. Yes, they have had their hits and misses, but no different from any other band. Again, in terms of music listeners they probably would make people shake their head, but as a whole the nomination and induction was warranted

Yes, it is rap. Yes, most people will say "Rap Crap." Other people will cite that's not rap since they are white, yet these same people say Eminim "Rocks. Beastie Boys have the rap going against them from the get go since that will isolate a lot of listeners to listening to them for that reason alone. Which brings me back to now - for being around this long and still about to pick up a Grammy in 2008 they are doing something right as well as keeping, and perhaps winning more fans.

A personal flashback - I remember back on the Ride the Rockies Bike Tour that I did years ago I was in Aspen lounging outside my tent near the high school. I had finished biking over Independence Pass and now was just chillin in Aspen. Sun was shining, but there was concern for bears since there were Bear sightings as well as some deaths due to bears around that time and area. As I was sitting in my chair with my Ipod playing I heard "The Move" come on and then the part of the song played that I liked "in Stereo" hah hah. So, whenever that song plays I am transported back to that memory in Aspen. Which also reminds me that was where I had a 27.00 dollar Margarita (perhaps for another time and only something that would be done in Aspen)...

With that concludes this post - Congrats to the Beastie Boys for their Induction.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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