Sunday, June 12, 2011

Breaking Bad - Promo for Season 4

Greetings Readers


That is an excellent promo, first poster, for next month's new season of Breaking Bad. Season 4.

I just love that warning sign next to Walter White's profile.

And of course I saw the next teaser trailer for the new season on AMC's website on Thursday of last week. Nothing revealed for Season 4 mind you, but I have to use this word again, I love, the piano's keys making the music on how the trailer starts and then Walter's voice starts talking over the cut scenes that are from last season. Soon, we hear other voices from the main characters of Breaking Bad. Meanwhile, all this time that piano is playing softly, melodic, giving me restlessness. Only because I have to wait just over a month to see the first episode of Season 4. The trailer is only a minute long, but beautifully spliced together.

Now, let me get back to the poster - Walter White - I am going to bet that most of the viewers are going to say that is Heisenberg in full presence. Meaning, that is not Walter White.

I have to say no. That is Walter White. I have seen the subtle transformation from Walter White from the first season and well into the third season. In my opinion, there is really no way that the character Walter White could have two separate identities with all the "stuff" going on in his life. I think he has a strong character, but as he is progressing into the business he is make that character more of whom we stereotype as who could be a drug dealer type.

Again, that is Walter White. Is he mad? No, that is just the look. And I am racking my mind - what other character(s) in the TV realm with spectacles can make that look "bad!" That is the "Don't Fuck with me" look. And that look works.

We Readers saw that in the season finale of Season three when Walt was about to be shot at the Laundry (Meth Super Lab) by Mike. I think that was probably the best scene of Season Three with Walt turning the tables. I am not rooting for the drug dealer, the bad guy, but I am rooting for Walter White - especially when Walter says...

"You might want to hold off."...

"...6353 Juan Tabo Apartment 6.


Oh, the way Walter speaks that line (starting with 6353...) and delivered that confident look that Walter gives Mike. That is the look and the stance we all perhaps felt or want to feel if in the same or similar situation.

As the first words flash in the teaser trailer.

"Once you break bad"

"You never go back"

There are alot of variables to Walter White at this point in the series and I do not think I could have done any different from what Walter has done to this point.

What I mean is - what would you have done on Episode 12 - Half Measures - Season 3 - when Jesse is walking to the Drug Dealers he is planning to shoot. You Readers who know the story up to this point - what would you have done? Needless to say - that scene fucking blew my mind when I first saw it. That was not Heisenberg - that is Walter White. You know what Readers, that scene is still powerful to me - I mean that scene caught me totally off guard and I never saw it coming. I expected the scene to be about Jesse and the Drug Dealers and what the outcome would be in the finals minutes of that episode.

And Fuck me - even after Walter White did what he did he then gets out of his vehicle and finishes "the job". again wow.

Calmly Walter looks and says to Jesse - "Run."

So, you see I know that this is perfect promo poster for the upcoming Season Four of Breaking Bad.

Even as I write this blog I am just anxious since we faithful Breaking Bad watchers now have a solid start date of Season Four - as well as a teaser trailer and two promo posters.

Which brings me to the other poster I have not talked about nor posted. Basically, it is the promo poster expanded. To Walter's right (or to the left of the warning signage) is Jesse's head. It is okay, but somehow it does not fit. I am sorry I do not know why, but for me it just does not work.

I am not saying the wider promo poster is bad (sorry for the "bad" reference), but just does not fit. Although, if you Readers and faithful watchers look closer - (and yes I know it is a promo poster) - does it look like Jesse's head is/may be shaved? Anyway, from the poster Jesse's left side of the head appears shaved. His hairline on the front of his is that high so you can not tell if his head is bald or not. Hmmmm?

And that is about all I guess I better write since this blog post is getting long.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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