Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coors Light - Cold & Super Cold

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Get the fuck out of here!

I just can not believe that yet there is the next evolution in cold indicators for such a cheap beer.

I just saw the TV commercial and I see that the evolution of the cold indicator has now made it's debut on the beer can for who else - Coors Light.

Readers - to make sure that your beer is just not cold, but "Super Cold" - you now have the ability to look at the can and you will either see, I imagine, just the words "Cold" if the beer is just cold. And then I assume when the can of beer reaches the stage of "Super Cold" I imagine the words "Super Cold" will appear below the word "Cold." I see on the can it is called the 2 stage Cold Activation.


I am not going to re-read my blog posts on the Cold Mountain indicator and the "window" in the 12 packs or beer to see if the beer in the packaging is cold, but I hope I am not going to say the same thing over again on this post.

This is just fucking stupid marketing for Coors Light, in my opinion. Coors Light clientele is not for people like me who look down upon that beer. As well as also call that beer "Piss beer" and I am not alone. This beer as far as I know is for campers, the common working blue collar class of America, the college students on a limited budget, and the people who only know that type of beer. That is just being general of me on who I think is drinking Coors Light.

Yes, I have drank Coors Light in my youth, but not anymore. I am beyond that type of beer.

I have not done research, but I can almost say with certainty that my friends if given a choice between Coors Light and let us say a micro brew, they are going to choose the micro brew. Although, the women may choose Coors Light for probably having less alcohol and avoiding a hangover the following day. I do not know that though.

A cold indicator on a can, or bottle, is not going to make the determination to drink Coors Light for that reason alone. It is just not going to happen with my circle of friends. We know for a fact when a beer gets cold, have an idea how we like our beer cold, and even yet we know we can put a bottle/can in the freezer to get the beer cold, icy cold matter of fact.

And patience has nothing to do with making the decision not to drink Coors. If you actually are going to watch/wait/check the beer can and wait for the "Super Cold" to appear... well I do not know what to say. I can not say that you are dumb. Or smart. I just can not believe anyone with a head on his/her shoulder would actually wait for the "Super Cold" to appear before drinking the beer.

Let us say Readers that the "Cold" indicator appears at 40 degrees and the "Super Cold" indicator appears at 35 degrees. Now, what if your refrigerator is set at 37 degrees. What if that person who puts that beer into the fridge and will not drink that beer until the words "Super Cold" appears. He/she will be waiting for a long time, since it is not going to happen due to the temperature in the refrigerator being set at 37 degrees and the refrigerator will not get any colder than 37 degrees. Now, any person knows that if they want their beer icy cold they are either going to put the beer in the freezer or into a beer cooler with ice.

Which brings me to something else. Yes, I know Coors light is a common beer among campers, picnics, state parks, etc and I also know that Coolers are abound with beer. Yes, some beer from the liquor store are room temperature and are put into the Cooler to get cold. So, I can see the Cold and Super Cold indicator coming into play. But, I also know that no one is going to wait drinkless, for the beer to get cold - or super cold. The beer may be getting cold, but that is not going to stop the average beer drinker(s) drinking a warm beer in the meantime.

Matter of fact, even if that beer drinker finishes off that beer and grabs another beer from the cooler - they are going to most likely grab a beer from the bottom of the cooler where the melting ice and most likely icy cold water is making the beer cold. That beer drinker is probably not going to look for a cold indicator - instead they are going to feel the can/bottle and then pop open regardless of "Cold"or "Super Cold." I know, as well as the beer drinker, is that beer is colder than it was before and a colder beer is better than a warmer beer. And we know a colder beer is better than no beer. Right?

I just don't know. If the previous marketing for the Cold Mountains Indicator and windows in the beer packaging is working and making more sales then I guess I can see how they had to go to the next stage of Cold indicators for their beer. Or perhaps sales are sliding/still sliding and this is the next step to save their faithful beer drinkers from drinking another brand of beer. I do not know.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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