Monday, October 25, 2010

Blue Mountains - Part 2

Greetings Readers

It was just a year ago when I blogged about the Blue Mountains.

Whether the sales have been very good or very bad, but now there is a new addition to the Cold Mountains Indicator.

There is now a window on the 12 pack bottles carton that was clearly designed for locating the Blue Mountains on the bottle and to truly see if your beer is cold and ready to drink.

What the fuck.

Is society actually buying, bought, into in the Blue Mountains indicator?

No needs for me to blog what I expressed a year ago on what I did/do think.

Yet, this new addition to the Blue Mountain Beer is still fucked up.

I only drink from bottles and anytime I come home from the liquor store I remove all the bottles from the package - whether it be the 6 pack or 12 pack container - before putting into the refridgerator.

So, if I did drink this beer this new addition would be useless for me to take advantage of.

Before ending this blog Readers. I do not care if you drink this beer. If you do (and I have done so in the past.) so be it. I do not think any less of you. I have my taste(s) and drinking that beer is now in the past for me. I would never say never again, since there may come a time I might have to partake in indulging that beer again.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Ahlete

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