Friday, March 19, 2010

"...touched by an Angel"

Greetings Readers

These are the pictures of the aftermath of my bike accident coming home after work. Oops, multiple bike accidents. And the not so funny thing is that I was actually riding Lily and had two – count’em – two bike accidents that probably should not have happened at all.

If any of you local Readers are in the Denver area then you know how snowy it was when 5 o’clock rolled around on Friday evening.

Anyway, I was pumped and ready to ride home in the snow as well as biking past the traffic that was common on a Friday, but tripled due to the heavy snowfall. So, traffic was at a standstill and I was basically sticking it to everyone since I was riding and moving faster than the vehicles in traffic. Knowing that I was smiling and had a good attitude knowing that I was going to be home faster than the people stuck in traffic.

I was about halfway home when the street I was done was going to end so that meant I was going to turn and get onto a new street. The street I was on did not have much traffic therefore I was riding the tire tracks left by the vehicles already gone by. Meaning, the street I was on was not plowed at all. Not unusual due to the heavy snow fall and major streets getting the snow plowed from them first.

I was starting my turn left when half way into the intersection I went down. Damn. I was down in a heartbeat and that did not stop there. I can only guess, but I think that back tire loss traction and slid out right when I was turning left. That being said when I hit the snow in the intersection I slid in the direction of the turn but I was rotating in a right direction. 180 degrees later, which was about a second later I was looking back in the direction I was turning from.

Yet, that was the least of my fucking concern. I had a back pack full of liquor. And not the cheap stuff. I actually bought a bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniels and a six pack of that Breckenridge small batch 471, which I think goes for anywhere from 12 to 15 dollars a six pack. Note: I only had 5 of the 6 bottles since a friend wanted to taste a bottle of beer that came from a six pack that cost me $ 14.00 dollars. He can not understand why I would pay that much, but he wanted to know what it taste like before even thinking about spending that much money on a six pack of beer.

When I hit the snow I immediately heard the sound of breaking glass. That sound can not be mistaken for any other sound. Fuck!

I fell on my left side. Was that the side of the back pack that had my Single Barrel Jack Daniels on? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I can not remember how I packed the liquor inside my back pack.

I stood up, heard someone as if I was okay, but totally not acknowledging anyone. First goal was to get out of the intersection. Damn, did the Single Barrel Jack Daniels break? That’s about $ 40.00 down the drain.

I managed to get on the sidewalk pretty quickly. Yet, when I started walking to the curb I started to feel my left leg get cold. Fuck. That was the alcohol running down from my back pack into my bike pants. Shit. Do I assess the damages right now? I am going to get wetter and colder. And if I check the back pack what difference is that going to make? Fuck it – let me worry about the damages and cry, if needed, about the broken Single Barrel Jack Daniels when I get home and open my back pack.

I decided to go through a subdivision to cut my time down getting home.

Soon, I was out the subdivision and turning onto a sidewalk next to Arapahoe Road, a major used road and traffic was at a standstill.

I exited the subdivision and turned onto the sidewalk. Well, I never got onto the side walk. Readers, there are many sidewalks that have different corners. Some have little ramps so bikes can ride up and down without a problem. Others you have to actually lift your front tire since there is no ramp to ride up. On this corner, the ramp is not flush with the street. I think there is about a ½ to 1 inch lip from the end of the ramp to the street.

You guess it readers, with the heavy snow and the angle I was turning onto the sidewalk I caught the lip of the sidewalk and basically caused me to get into my second fucking crash of the evening.

I felt and immediately saw what was going to happen since I kept going straight and not onto the sidewalk. Fuck. Traffic was right there and I do not need to crash into a vehicle. With alcohol all over me I think that would not be a good idea to get into an accident with a motor vehicle.

I grabbed those brake levers fast and hard. I only had about 5 or 10 feet I think before crashing into the side of a motor vehicle.

Not sure what happened next, but I was soon up and over my handlebars and once again kissing Mother Earth on my left side of my body. Again, the sound of breaking glass. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. If that was not the Single Barrel Jack Daniels the first time I crashed then sure as shit this had to be the bottle breaking this time. I do not get touched by an Angel or my luck is never that lucky.

This time around no one called out to me, but a lot of people stuff in traffic saw my endo up and over my handlebars. Technically, this was my first endo of the year.

I was mad after the first bike crash, but after this second un-fucking believable bike crash I could not help to smile and laugh at myself. My left leg was soaked as well as my left shoe and socks with alcohol. Urgh.

About 5 minutes later I was home.

I set the back pack on the table and unzipped the back pack.

Fuck me. Fuck me!

The Single Barrel Jack Daniels was not broken. Not fucking broken! Only three bottle of the Small Batch 471 were broken. One bottle was smashed into oblivion while the other bottles were just broken. Yet, I thought to myself as lucky as I was with the Single Barrel Jack Daniels I was mad that the bottle I traded with my friend should have been broken and not my expensive beer that were. With that thought I immediately let it go since I was oh so fucking lucky that I did not break the Single Barrel Jack Daniels.

I was touched by an Angel

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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