Friday, March 12, 2010

Mudslinger (from Redhook)

Greetings Readers

My faithful Readers should know my aka

If you are not a faithful Reader then I shall divulge that aka

My a.k.a. (Also Known As) originated after an extensive trip to Seattle, Washington back in the 1990’s

I visited the Redhook “plant” that was/is (sorry Readers as of 2011 I do not have a clue if that is still in operation in Freemont) in Seattle / Freemont and if I remember correctly it is near the outdoor cinema park. What I do remember was the smoke coming from the rocket out front of their building. Someone told me that smoke from the “Blast Off” of the Rocket comes out at the top of the hour.

Anyway, I was very impressed with the microbrew Redhook. Back then I did not even have a clue what a microbrew was. The taste was something unbelievable to me. A definite change from the beer I was drinking back then.

Fast Forward. I soon became a faithful beer drinker of Redhook. Back then there was this beer they made – and perhaps they still do – but I have not seen for a very long time, Blackhook Porter. Oh fucking wow. That beer was the Holy Grail for me. Until, one year I saw they incorporated Starbucks into their beer and made that as a single 40oz bottle. I had that special made beer once and that was that. Never again. Fingers crossed that they do make that again. If I remember I think it called Triple Stout.

Anyway, with me loving Redhook and becoming a regular drinker of Redhook soon the name Redhooktyrant came out of that.

As of today I am known as the “Redhooktyrant” and also use that as a team/individual name when required for any race that needs a team/individual name besides your given birth name.

With the first picture on the blog post I think that this a new type being released this year. Mudslinger. I am not excited about the caramel and as stamped on the six pack carton – “Nut Brown Ale.”

I was not impressed, but I did not say it was not good. Not bad, but I think this is not really a beer that will make me buy more of this Mudslinger. Thinking about it I think it is due to the mix of caramel and Nut Brown Ale. Though, what I did like about Mudslinger was the taste was definitely different from the Blonde, Longhammer, Winterhook, Copperhook to name a few kinds of beer Redhook makes. Please give it a try if they do make next year since it is a seasonal beer. I am sure that I will buy another six-pack next year, if to be produced.

Lastly, the other pictures are pictures of the only bottle of beer (unopened) that I have left from a 6 pack of Blackhook I bought back in 1998. Wow – 12 years ago. That bottle was bottled on 03-04-98.

I rarely keep any bottles of beer, at all. Yet, I was so fucking moved by the taste I had to keep an unopened bottle to show off/keep as a reminder. When I do entertain guests and they see that bottle of beer on my shelf they do ask what’s so special about that bottle of beer. And at that point I tell them and more than they probably expected about that one bottle of beer. Yes, they know I know my liquor and have taste, but know I do know my beer and they agree with me about 90 percent of the time...


Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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